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After more than two decade of building the business, the Zerorez brand has come to stand for innovation and the comfort of clean spaces. As we continue to grow into new markets and expand internationally, we welcome partners who believe in our mission to become the most trusted provider in our industry and are dedicated to providing world-class service.

Franchising With Zerorez

We are committed to leading our Franchise owners to success. Whether you plan to be a hands-on operating owner, or a hands-off investor, Zerorez is here to help you succeed. Please choose from the options below:

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Recognized for Our Outstanding Franchise Success

Coupled with a good reputation and a considerable market segment, investing in the Zerorez franchise may offer a more predictable outcome than investing in a completely new brand that may struggle to thrive in an already crowded and competitive industry.

Supporting You

What support can you expect to receive from the Zerorez franchise experience?

  • Marketing Systems, Software and Vendors
  • ZrWare™ - Proprietary Customer Relationship Management platform, including the online customer booking process
  • Proprietary Field Service App for Technicians
  • Training
  • Two Annual Conferences
  • 1-Year of Industry Specific Business Coaching
  • On-Site Visits from the Executive Team
  • FranklinCovey Leadership Development Courses

Innovative Technology Unmatched by Others

Industry Standard

Traditional carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals and soaps that leave behind residue, attracting dirt over time—the opposite of what you want after a cleaning.

  • Dirt attracting residue left behind (soaps, detergents, and harsh chemicals)

  • Ineffective extraction tools resulting in 200% more soiling and 44% more moisture

  • Antiquated methods ("spit shine", "Flood and suck")

Zerorez - A Smarter, Lasting Clean™

Our patented technology cleans with Zr™ Water, a cleaning solution that is safe for people, pets, and the planet. As a cleaning solution, it breaks up grease and helps remove spots, odors, and residue, keeping your carpets softer and cleaner for longer.

  • No lingering soap or harsh chemical residue attracting dirt over time.

  • Faster-drying services

  • Patented Cleaning Technology

World-Class Service Reputation

We serve the right way and create “raving” fans.


Global Net Promoter Score

  • Above the industry average of 41.
  • Better than 75% of home services businesses, according to L360 Industry reports.


5-Star Google Reviews

  • 4.9 Average Customer Rating

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Our Values

We Innovate

We offer revolutionary, state-of-the-art technology unmatched by others. This is the keystone that differentiates us from our competitors and establishes us as our industry leader. We confidently and consistently deliver The Right Way to Clean® in every instance during every visit.

We Serve

We strive to live the golden rule, "To do unto others as we would have them do unto us." This ethic applies to everyone with whom we associate, including franchisees, employees, vendors, customers, shareholders, and people on the street. This is the capstone of our commitment to serving. We treat all people as real people, not simply as objects to achieve financial or other goals. We strive to have pure intent with others and serve the right way.

We Have Integrity

We are committed to always doing the right things in every circumstance, especially when no one is looking.

We Are Responsible

We are responsible for our choices and our results. We own our destiny and have a passion for action.

We Lead

We believe that leadership is a choice, not a position, and we choose to be leaders. We inspire vision and exhibit leadership in all roles and levels of responsibility; in our personal lives, in the workplace with our employees, with vendors and partners, in the community, and within our families. We lead as teams. We lead in our industry. We work diligently to be a powerful influence for good with all stakeholders. We individually bring character and competence to our work; collectively, we combine our strengths to achieve extraordinary results. We strive always to do what is right.

We Have Fun

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it, and we enjoy working as a team. We value and respect one another. We celebrate differences and diversity. We look out for each other and consider our team members as family.

We Win

We achieve our results by modeling our values.

Founding Story

Founders Gaylord Karren and John Hopkins never intended to be in the carpet cleaning business—they were making a living as property managers in Texas. They managed over 3,000 apartment units, and their biggest frustration—and largest expense—was keeping the carpets clean for their residents.

No carpet cleaning company was able to clean the carpets well enough to avoid replacing them. Gaylord and John knew there had to be a better way to clean carpets.

With their experience in engineering and their backgrounds in the oil & gas industry, they discovered two major problems with the decades-old carpet cleaning techniques:

First, the soaps and detergents being used by other carpet cleaners. Second, the ineffective tools used to get them out. The leftover chemicals continued attracting dirt and dust long after the cleaning, which caused the carpets to get dirtier faster.

Upon this discovery, and with the help of their friend and longtime home restoration specialist, Jim Stone, Gaylord and John set out to find a cleaner, safer, greener way to clean carpets. They founded Zerorez and the rest, as they say, is history.