Mattress Cleaning

You wash your sheets regularly in, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? With all the time we spend in bed, our mattresses collect a wide array of dust, shedding hair, and dead skin cells.

Gotta-Love-It Guarantee®

If for any reason you are unhappy with your cleaning, we'll gladly return to re-clean areas with which you are dissatisfied.

Sleep easier knowing your mattress is clean

You wash your sheets regularly, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? With all the time we spend in bed, a mattress's soft and absorbent materials tend to collect dirt, dead skin, and even food.

A mattress is an important investment; not just monetarily, but a good mattress can make all the difference for your quality of sleep and the health of your body. Taking care of your mattress with a deep cleaning will help preserve it for years. Simple vacuuming or DIY products do not clean as deeply as the Zerorez process.

Restore Your Mattress

A more hygienic sleep environment.

Using our process, which includes our Zr Water, Zerorez® deep cleans your mattress without using harsh chemicals that can leave behind residue. Our process lifts spots out of the mattress fibers, extends the life, and leaves them smelling fresh and clean.

This special process replaces the need for soaps, detergents, or harmful chemicals that many traditional cleaners use. Not only does it prevent your mattress from attracting dust and dirt, but it allows a faster dry time, too!

Cleaning Surfaces That Matter Most™

We don't just clean carpets. Zerorez® removes dirt from living spaces where you and your loved ones spend time, creating A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™. And, because we don't use soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals which attract dust and dirt over time, your surfaces stay cleaner longer.