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A Clean Home is a
Healthy Home.

Zerorez has been lab-tested and proven to clean at the highest levels possible. No other cleaning method out cleans Zerorez.

Cleaning Surfaces That Matter Most™

We don't just clean carpets! Zerorez removes dirt and grime from living spaces and surfaces throughout your home, where you and your loved ones spend time. And, because we clean with our proprietary Zr™ Water, which doesn't contain dirt-attracting soap, detergent, or harsh chemicals, your surfaces stay cleaner, longer.

The only choice for a true clean that lasts longer.

Zr™ Water & Patented Technology

Satisfaction Guaranteed We will clean a room for free and you decide.

We want to make sure your experience is as easy as possible. We will clean and test a small area of carpet for free and if you don't believe how well the process works, then you decide whether to continue with the rest of the service or not. No hassles and no worries.

No Soap Lingering to Attract Dirt.

Our Zr™ Water technology allows us to clean and refresh your surfaces without the use of detergents or harsh chemicals, which means your carpet stays cleaner longer, unlike other carpet cleaning companies in Austin.

Your Surfaces Dry Fast with our patented Zr Process®.

After a designed pretreatment, our Zr Lifter® removes embedded debris (hair, soil, etc.) that a vacuum just can't remove. Our Zr™ Water is then applied to the carpet through our Zr Wand™ that performs a unique rinse on the carpet fibers (careful to not soak the carpet and pad). Zr™ Water not only can outperform many carpet cleaning chemicals but also removes detergents left behind by other cleaners (emulsifying soil and other debris). With our fast-drying Zr™ Water, we truly leave, nothing but clean.

Platinum Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute

Not only is this the highest approval rating possible from the Carpet and Rug Institute, Zerorez® is rated the #1 cleaning process in the nation by an independent testing laboratory. When we clean, there is Zero Residue® left behind.

No harsh chemicals means Pure Safety for your family and pets.

Since Zr™ Water doesn't use any harsh chemical additives, your surfaces are perfectly safe for your family and pets, no matter how small.

What To Look For In a Carpet Cleaner

You spend a great amount of your lifetime walking and even playing on the floors of your home. You deserve your carpets and floors to be cleaned the right way - thoroughly and without flaw. When you need your carpets and floors cleaned contact Zerorez.

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Austin will provide a cleaning that is truly clean and lasts long. Many carpet cleaners use soaps and harsh chemicals to release the dirt and grime from the carpet fibers, then attempt to extract it. Using this process makes it near impossible to remove the soap and harsh chemicals. In fact, it's this sticky residue that now attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get even dirtier, faster!
Zerorez is different. We don't use soaps or harsh chemicals. Our Zr Process® gets more out, dries faster, stays cleaner longer, and is safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Months after getting your carpets cleaned with Zerorez, your satisfaction will not waiver and you will see why Zerorez is one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Austin.

Carpet Cleaning
Austin, TX

With Zerorez Austin carpet cleaning, you will never use soap to clean your carpets again. The Zerorez cleaning process includes Zr™ Water, providing the power to attract and dissolve dirt and oils (just like soap) - but without leaving behind any sticky residue! No more lingering soap to attract dirt! No more crunchy carpet! The Electrolyzed Oxidative Water (Zr™ Water) cleans just like soap, without leaving behind sticky residue! By using this unique substance along with our Zr Process®, your surfaces will dry faster, getting you and your family back to your regular activities in no time. Our process will loosen embedded dirt all the way to the base of the carpet. Knowing that our proprietary Zr™ Wand outperforms the top selling wands on the market, next time you search "carpet cleaning near me," you will know that Zerorez is the best option for you! Save yourself the stress and schedule an appointment today to use this process that will leave your carpet and hard surfaces cleaner longer.

Area Rug Cleaning

You love your rug. We love your rug. Your rug is special, and even though it's getting dirty from regular wear and the occasional drips and spills, you are understandably nervous about getting your rug cleaned because of the damage that could occur from improper cleaning. With Zerorez®, you have nothing to fear! You can trust us to carefully and properly complete any rug cleaning no matter the size or material. Our patented cleaning process does not apply harmful chemicals or other toxic cleaning agents that could damage fibers, bleed colors, or leave a messy residue. Zerorez® area rug cleaning Austin is safe,. We will give you the best extensive cleaning with our highly trained experts. Zerorez® is rated the #1 cleaning process in the nation by an independent testing laboratory in addition to having received the highest approval rating possible from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Best Carpet Cleaning
in Austin

How much is dirty carpet and residue costing you? Do you get a pit in your stomach every time you look at your floors? Are you embarrassed of the first impression your floors make with visitors or clients? Do you get allergy symptoms when living or working indoors? Our patented cleaning process cleans with Zero Residue® and does NOT re-attract soil to the cleaned surface. This reduces your cleaning costs over time by not requiring more frequent cleaning, avoiding premature wear from accelerated re-soiling, and extending the life of your carpet by allowing you to avoid early replacement costs. Dirty carpet and residues may already be costing you more than you think.

What Austin is saying about Zerorez

Alex did a wonderful job with our floors. I thought that one of the carpeted rooms was hopeless because of bad pet stains and odors, but by the time Alex finished the job, the carpet was CLEAN and everything smelled so nice and FRESH. He also...

~ L. Welge, Round Rock, TX

This was our first experience with Zerorez, but we were impressed. We've had other carpet cleaners, but this is altogether different. It smells fresh and clean when they finish. Our carpets look brand new. Wow! Jose R did a great job-very hard...

~ R. Evans

Always prompt, courteous and provide exceptional customer service. Have used them many times and will continue to do so. Pricing is always the lowest/most competitive out there!

~ J. Honn

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