Zr Maids™ House Cleaning Service

Let us take regular deep cleaning off your to-do list and your mind. Book now for a safe, reliable, friendly service from the Experts in the Science of Clean™.

Why Choose Zr Maids™?

The Zerorez Difference

We clean primarily with Zr™ Water, an all-surface cleaner that replaces the need for soaps or harsh chemicals that other traditional house cleaners often use. This product is safe for people, pets and the environment - yet super effective as a degreaser, dirt and grime remover, and odor neutralizer.

Other house cleaners use cleaning products and chemicals that leave behind a residue, and is why you may find your socks are so dirty even after the floors were mopped only days ago.

With Zerorez and our Zr™ Water, we can give you a truly clean home that stays cleaner, longer.

Standard Services

If you want the best and highest quality house cleaning service for your home or office, you can't beat our patented cleaning process.
No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®!

Deep Cleaning Bathrooms

Deep Cleaning Kitchens

Sweeping & Mopping



Wiping Down Baseboards


Gotta Love It® Guarantee!

If for any reason you are unhappy with your cleaning, we'll gladly return to re-clean any areas you're unsatisfied with, for free, within 30-days of service.

Customized Cleaning Packages

Every home and everyone's needs vary. We understand that you may not need everything cleaned every time we come, or want us to focus on certain items only. That's great!

Let us know what you want and need and we'll customize your cleaning to suit you.

What to Expect

*Please contact your local Zerorez to learn more about current prices, promotions, and cleaning packages.

Initial Home Consultation

After you schedule time with us, we'll come to your home, and do a walk-through with you, and make sure we fully understand your home cleaning goals and needs. From there we will determine your customized cleaning package.

2 Hours of Cleaning

Generally you will receive 2 hours of cleaning time with a single maid, or 1.5 hours with two maids, but we can spend extra time as needed for initial deep cleanings, or for bigger homes or needs.

Extras and Add-Ons

We are skilled and trained to tackle extra cleaning jobs like carpet, area rugs, upholstery, mattresses, tile and grout, stone, auto interiors and more! Please let your Zr Maids know if you have special cleaning needs or requests so we can help you achieve your cleanliness goals.

More Than 190,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Derek and his team were impeccable and professional with both ZR Maids and tile cleaning. My white tile now shines and sparkles like the constellations! I highly recommend Zerorez! I am now a forever loyal customer.

~ M.D.

They were quick and very efficient. I am very pleased with the work. We are Zerorez customers for life!

~ Edward S.

They were so professional on time courteous and absolutely friendly.

~ Savannah R.

The days after the Zerorez maids come are the most wonderful days of the month!

~ Kelli Z., Tuscon

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does house cleaning cost?

Costs will vary, depending on where you live, the size and layout of your home (square footage, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, and so on), the number of people and pets who live in your home, and your specific cleaning objectives. Once these are established, we can adequately calculate the time and intensity required to meet your needs and create a customized cleaning package for you.

Please contact your local Zerorez to learn more about current prices, promotions, and cleaning packages available in your area.

Generally, the cost for two hours of cleaning starts around $175.

How often do you come to clean my home?

This depends on you, your needs, and your budget! Typically, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning schedules. For well lived-in homes with kids and dogs running around, we recommend weekly or every other week. If you're not home all of the time, every few months might be enough to keep your home looking fresh and sparkling.

Am I locked into a service contract?

There are no contracts necessary for us to come clean for you! If you know you are going to use us frequently we can work with you on special bundled pricing based on an agreed number of cleanings.

Are Zerorez Cleaning Specialists licensed, insured, and background checked?

Zerorez is licensed and insured and our employees are people we would trust in our own homes, and have been background-checked and drug-screened.

Do you offer Zr Maids service for both residential and commercial?

Yes. Our customized pricing approach applies to office and business spaces as well. However, we do not offer traditional hospitality housekeeping services. For commercial maid service, please give us a call so we can talk more specifically about your organization's needs.

What cleaning products do you use? Are they safe for my family and my pets?

We use Zerorez products that are safe for people, pets and planet. However, we will honor your preferences of cleaners, especially for areas such as the toilet bowl.

Do I need to put my pets away when you're in my home?

We love pets at Zerorez! So many of our customers have them and we consider it a perk of the job. We will work with you to figure out the best way to work around your "furry" family member(s).

What hours and days are you available to clean?

We are flexible and accommodating and are open most days of the week. Generally we can get to your home for the first time within three days of booking.

Do I need to be home when you are here to clean?

No. We often clean when no one is home and are reliable to let ourselves in and lock up afterward. We do suggest, if possible, you be there at the beginning or end of your initial cleaning just to double check expectations are understood and pave the way for super smooth subsequent cleanings.

How long do you typically take to clean a home?

There are several factors that can impact the time required to achieve your cleaning goals, such as the size of your home and the length of time since your last professional cleaning, as well as the thoroughness of cleaning you desire. As a general rule of thumb, a standard overall cleaning, of an average-sized three bedroom/two bath home (1800-2400 sq ft), takes about 2-3 hours.

Do you offer a service guarantee?

Yes! Zerorez offers a Gotta Love It® Guarantee! If you unsatisfied with the level of clean you received from our Cleaning Specialists, we will gladly return to reclean those areas, for free, within 30-days of service. It's important to us that you are happy with your results, so we are happy to work hard to solve the issue.

When do I need to pay for service? What types of payments do you accept?

Payment is usually collected on-site or over the phone at the end of service, unless there are prior arrangements. Be sure and ask your local Zerorez what forms of payment they are able to accept.

Should I tip the Cleaners? Can they accept tips?

We never want you to feel there is any expectation to tip your Cleaning Specialist(s). However, if you wish to do so, it is always immensely appreciated.

What is your cancellation policy?

We know life happens and some cancellations can't be helped, but whenever possible we request at least 48 hours notice. This helps us have time to adjust our staffing and scheduling needs.

Are there any cleaning services you don't offer? What don't you clean?

We are willing and able to clean most surfaces, however, laundry and changing sheets are not generally services we offer. Be sure to double check with your specific location.

Why should I hire Zr Maids over a different household cleaning service?

You can rely on us to show up - every time - within the agreed upon time frame. We are experienced, professional, friendly and most importantly, we really listen to what your needs and expectations are for your cleaning.

How many housecleaners come at one time to clean?

Usually one but sometimes two depending on the overall schedule for the day. Either way, you will get the awesome cleaning you are expecting!

Do you always send the same housecleaners when you come?

Whenever possible, yes, we do. However, we aren't able to guarantee it, as it's more important your home is cleaned on your timeline and schedule than the same cleaner services your home. But, rest assured that all of our Cleaning Specialists are friendly, experienced and dedicated to exceeding your expectations and will be briefed efficiently on your home before arriving.