Premium Fiber Protector for Carpet, Rugs, and Upholstery

Prolong the cleanliness of your surfaces with Zerorez's top-rated fiber protector, applied after cleaning, to guard against spills, sand, and oils.

Helping Your Home Stay Cleaner, Longer

The Zerorez Premium Fiber Protector gives you the highest level of carpet protection available on the market. It reseals and recoats your carpet's fibers so dirt and spills stay on the outside of the fibers. This can keep carpets looking showroom fresh, as it:

  • Protects against accidents
  • Provides easier clean-up from spills
  • Slows traffic lanes or patterns from appearing
  • Gives peace of mind when soils or spills happen
  • Makes vacuuming out soils and allergens more effective
  • Improves the carpet's lifespan
  • Extends time between regular deep cleaning

Reapply Factory-Level Protection

When good quality carpets leave the mill, they already have a carpet protectant applied, but no protector lasts forever. It wears off or is weakened by:

  • Age and everyday foot traffic
  • Harsh cleaning and spotting agents
  • Deodorizing and disinfecting sprays
  • Ozone and other pollutants
  • Regular vacuuming and cleaning

Unprotected carpets are more vulnerable to:

  • Permanent stains
  • Worn-looking traffic areas
  • Spills that don't clean up easily
  • Soil that clings to carpet and permanently scratches the fibers
  • Becoming dingy and discolored over time
  • Requiring more frequent professional cleanings
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Extend the Value of Your Carpet Cleaning

We recommend reapplying Zerorez Premium Fiber Protector every time your carpet is professionally cleaned. This will prolong and extend your carpet's life and the value of your cleaning, as carpets stay cleaner and stain-free longer. This reduces the need for as frequent professional carpet cleaning too.

The Zerorez Premium Fiber Protector is safe on all man-made fibers and several organic natural fibers including: Rayon • Olefin • Nylon • Wool • Polyester • Triexta • Cotton

The Kool-Aid™ Demo

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Zerorez Fiber Protector, we poured red Kool-Aid™ onto two carpet squares, one with our Premium Fiber Protector added and one without any protector.

We let both sit for a few minutes and then rinsed them with water.

As you can see in the video, the one not treated is still stained and now pink! The one with the Zerorez Fiber Protector applied rinsed perfectly clean!

This is because our fiber protector contains acid dye blockers which prevent spill absorption, giving you more time to clean up spills.

Resists Deep Penetrating Stains

Resists Oils and Spills

Resists and Repels Dry Soils & Sands

Resists Premature UV Light Fading

The Most Effective Fiber Protector

Our fiber protector is the most effective on the market, even better than ScotchGard. Since we don't leave soapy residue behind, our fiber protector seals better with your carpet or upholstery's fibers.

The Safest Fiber Protector

Once dry, treated surfaces are safe for kids, grandkids, and pets to play on.

Applied the Right Way

We follow the manufacturer's recommended application rates exactly, and groom the carpet with a professional grooming tool to ensure proper product distribution, which leaves your carpet looking amazing.

190,000+ 5-Star Google Reviews

90% of our customers would refer us to a friend or family member. Here's what some had to say about our added protector services

Having No Residue® plus a protective coating assures me of a cleaner carpet. My technician was on time, cordial and did an excellent job.

~ Gary J., Tucson, AZ

Zerorez by far has outdone any other carpet cleaning company I have had. Their carpet protection applied after cleaning is wonderful. They are always my go to for carpet care.

~ Grace M., Pittsburgh, PA

Great technician. Thorough, courteous and did a great job. We were very pleased with the results. We had our sectional sofa cleaned with a fabric protector. Looks like new!

~ Angela H., Atlanta, GA

I have 3 large area rugs the techs cleaned with results that exceeded my expectations. My rugs look new again! When I was given a demo of how the application of the protective product worked, I immediately opted to have it applied.I highly...

~ Kathy O., Tucson, AZ

Technician was very knowledgable and efficient. He went above and beyond to ensure our carpet was clean and protected from future accidents from our senior dogs.

~ Hannah R., Cincinnati, OH

The carpet looked brand new and smelled really good! The fiber protectant really helped!

~ Mark G., Greenville, SC