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Carpet Cleaning Belleville, Illinois

To reap the benefits of carpet that will stay cleaner longer, softer longer, and not get worn out so fast, not just any professional carpet cleaner will get the job done right. Unfortunately, many traditional carpet cleaning techniques use soaps, harsh chemicals, or detergents while cleaning that leave behind a soapy residue that ends up attracting dirt, dust, and bacteria. Here at Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Belleville IL, we have recognized this issue and have come up with a solution. We use NO soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals that make your carpet dirtier in the long run. Instead, we useZr™ Water, an electrolyzed, oxidized water that is powerful enough to clean better than soap and harsh chemicals without all the negative consequences. Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Belleville IL is a proud supporter of home health, which is why we have created an alternative cleaning solution that keeps your home in the best condition possible.

Area Rug Cleaning Belleville

It is not uncommon for area rugs and other oriental rugs to be damaged when carpet cleaning companies clean them. This is because the traditional techniques used by these companies are not necessarily good for your rugs. Flooding them with harsh chemicals and soaps can cause dyes to bleed or residue to build even further. What Zerorez Area Rug Cleaning Belleville provides for you is a new, safe, and effective area rug cleaning service. No matter if your rug is an oriental rug, braided rug, or other type of rug, we are trained to take care of it properly. Our patented processes are the best for your rug because we useZr™ Water. The innovative Zr™ Water is a formula that will not cause any damage to fibers, bleed colors, or leave behind any messy residue. Zerorez Area Rug Cleaning Belleville is safe. No need to take our word for it. We are proud to share that our cleaning process has received the highest rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute. Zerorez has also been rated the #1 cleaning process in the nation by an independent testing laboratory. No matter the size, shape, or material, Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Belleville has the right area rug cleaning services for you.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Belleville

You may be asking yourself, "What is the best grout cleaner in Belleville, IL?" Zerorez® Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Belleville is the best of the best! We use a GREEN cleaning process, making it safe for kids, pets, and the environment! That's right- the Zerorez® tile and grout cleaning process cleans without any harsh chemicals. Natural stone tile is porous in nature, meaning that there are tiny holes all over it where dirt and grime can hide. When you mop your floors to lift the dirt, the mophead is unable to retrieve dirt from these hiding places. Over time, this is what leads your tile floors to looking dull or lackluster. With a Zerorez® tile and grout cleaning, your tiles will shine like never before while leaving behind Zero Residue®! Following your cleaning service, we can apply our signature polyurethane sealant to create a barrier between your tile and everything that comes into contact with it. Not only will this enhance shine, but it will fill those tiny pores in the tile to extend the results of your cleaning service. Schedule your tile and grout cleaning service today with Zerorez® Belleville!

Upholstery Cleaning Belleville

Let's be honest. Couches can get pretty disgusting. They get sat on all the time by you and your family, and sometimes even your pets! Food gets stuck in between cushions, and your upholstery might have a spot or two. Discoloration and dullness plague your upholstery without you knowing it because of how gradual the dirtying process is. Beyond that, if your couch is not cleaned often, your upholstery can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This is why upholstery cleaning is so important! Zerorez® does the best upholstery cleaning around. The cleaning is done completely with Zr™ Water, meaning no harsh chemicals and no sticky residue. At Zerorez® Upholstery Cleaning Belleville, our goal is to reveal brighter and fresher feeling upholstery so that you can begin to enjoy your furniture once again. Getting an upholstery cleaning on a regular basis not only improves your overall home health, but it also can extend the life of your upholstery while keeping it soft and clean. We only offer safe and effective upholstery cleaning at Zerorez®! You can sit back and relax, knowing that your couch is in good hands!

Air Duct Cleaning Belleville

Cleaning and tidying your home is a daily practice for many. Dusting, decluttering, vacuuming, and sweeping are all chores that get done regularly and make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. But what about the messes that you can't see? Zerorez® Air Duct Cleaning Belleville offers you the chance to get your home truly clean. Every time you open a window or door to your home, dust and dirt finds its way inside. This means that despite it looking clean, your home has pollutants sitting on every surface, and when you turn your HVAC system on, you begin to circulate it around the house. Having your carpets or upholstery cleaned without also having your air ducts cleaned is somewhat counterintuitive, considering that as soon as you run the air, more dust and dirt will spread around and settle on your rugs and furniture. Add an air duct cleaning service to your Zerorez® carpet cleaning services to achieve a clean like no other!

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In French, the word Belleville means "Beautiful City." The name chosen for this city couldn't be more accurate. Historical buildings and homes, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Peter, long-lived traditions, and of course the people, all make Belleville a beautiful place to live and visit. There are more than 44,000 citizens living in Belleville. This city is an attractive place to raise a family and live the suburban life while reaping the benefits of city life, as St. Louis is only 30 minutes away.