10 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Spring is a perfect time to declutter and clean up as we all get ready summer. Don't just limit your efforts to your home - cleaning up at your workplace can have a positive impact on everyone in your office as well. Here are 10 tips for spring cleaning to jumpstart your efforts.

1.) Get Rid of Unused Papers

Big stacks of paper clutter your workspace and can make you look disorganized or unprofessional. Try digitizing the essentials to keep your workspace as clear as possible. Abandoning your mess of paper sheets will reduce stress and help you stay organized.

2.) Clear Surfaces of Unessential Items

Don't stop with just the papers, continue to remove or put away as many items as you can. Keep your workspace clear of everything but the essential items. Your desk will look more professional, and it will be easier to locate the items you really need so you don't have to sift through a mountain of clutter.

3.) Get Your Surfaces Cleaned and Sanitized

Once you get your surfaces clear, get them clean! Remove visible messes and invisible contaminants alike to make your area look great and stay germ-free. Neutralizing bacteria helps everyone avoid allergy problems at work and prevents the spread of sickness. Your hands track germs from everything you touch to your desk, so it's good to freshen up as often as possible.

4.) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

Carpet can act like a sponge that absorbs messes, germs, allergens, and other microscopic contaminants. Use a professional commercial carpet cleaning service to bring your carpet back to perfect health. Long dry times from some services can make carpet cleaning a pain for some businesses. Avoid the need to shut down shop by choosing commercial carpet cleaning that uses steam and Zr™ Water. Without the toxic chemicals and harmful residues, your carpet will be drier and be ready faster.

5.) Deep Clean Bathrooms

Bathrooms can turn into a disaster if they aren't cleaned and maintained regularly. Even tile can get covered in germs and bacteria, and porous grout absorbs contamination. Get your tile, grout, and other natural stone professionally cleaned to help it look great and stay sterile.

6.) Tidy up in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another one of those areas that sees high traffic and can get messy in a hurry. It's especially important to keep an eye on that because employees need a clean and sterile area in which to prepare their food. Create a welcoming kitchen by tidying up messes and getting professional surface cleaning.

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7.) Refresh Your Furniture

We all spend a large percentage of our adult lives sitting in the office, and this can take a toll on the furniture. The heavy traffic leads to frequent instances of dirt, spills, and germs. Soiled furniture creates an uninviting work environment, and too much bacteria leads to office-wide sickness outbreaks. Keep your employees healthy and happy by using an office furniture cleaning service in Las Vegas.

8.) Get Input From Everyone

If you run an office, you already know how demanding it can be to keep up with everything. Every employee has their own needs, and it's next to impossible to know what everyone wants from their office experience. Make it easier on yourself by asking around to uncover opportunities for spring cleaning improvements. This step helps take the guesswork out of the equation, which reduces your stress and enables you to create a positive impact on all employees.

9.) Set Calendar Reminders

Procrastination is a common killer of spring cleaning success. Don't let yourself put it off to another day because the mess only gets worse and more intimidating as time goes on. Schedule regular cleanings, and stick to the plan. It's easy to feel too busy for a good spring cleaning session, but you'll feel better and get more done when your workplace is fresh and tidy. If you still don't think you have time to address the mess, find someone who does!

10.) Let the Professionals Handle Your Cleaning

A professional service can perfect your carpet more quickly and effectively, and the results last longer. Look into carpet protection to make your spring cleaning last all year long. Turning to experienced professionals guarantees you expert service, and allows you to focus on your actual job: running your business. Use your time to generate revenue instead of scrubbing surfaces.

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Contact Zerorez® for a helping hand with your spring cleaning. You'll be amazed by how great we can make your office look. Our services will save you time and effort, and our excellent specials can save you money too. Your employees will appreciate the improved atmosphere after a deep clean, and our superior technology uses Zr™ Water, so no harmful residues are left behind.

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