10 Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean

Keeping your office clean is a bit of an ordeal, isn't it?

The reality is that your office is dirtier and rejected more often than your own home is.

For example, I have been in the same office for about a year, and I think I have vacuumed it once in that time period. But I vacuum my own house at least twice a week!

I know what you're thinking, um that is gross…

But don't lie Jerry, when is the last time you vacuumed your office?

Though we're sure you are all very well versed in keeping your office clean, we thought we would provide some fairly obvious, and yet invaluable tips, to keeping your office clean regularly and not just once a year.

Organize That Thing You Call A Desk

It all begins in the home…

And in this scenario, the home is your own personal work space. That pig-sty, dusty area you house your paperwork that you refer to as your desk…

Make it a habit to organize your desk daily.

As we know, the same things on our desk get touched, used, or moved daily, but some other items we simply "must" have on our desks, haven't been touched in months and routinely collect dust.

Therefore, organize those items that you use daily, every day before you leave work!

Now Keep It Clean

While you're at it with the regular organization skills, you may as well whip out the Swiffer and dust off that old Basketball trophy from Grade School that you "have" to have on your desk.

Perhaps once a month (or per week) you can even pull out the trusty ol' Zr™ Water and give your desk a good rub down.

See we're not ones to judge- but can you tell us when the last time was that you wiped your desk down? We're sure you're very aware of those cute little dust bunnies hanging out in the corner of the desk, and yet…

So let's make a pact together that we'll actually clean our desks monthly, or even weekly. It'll take an approximate 2 minutes out of your hustling bustling month, we swear it!

Respect The Common Areas

Now that you've accomplished the cleanliness of your own personal work area, perhaps it's time to keep the more public areas clean?

Let's be honest, we all have a habit of caring less about the spaces around the office (and out in the world) that are not our own- that we don't really have to clean ourselves right?

You know we're talking about. Remember, just last week, you had a cute family outing to the local burger joint in town. Beloved Jack and Jill were so well behaved, until they got tired and chucked their ketchup covered fries all over the floors?

But in the midst of your embarrassment form their screams of terror, you hurriedly packed them up and left the burger joint, ketchups covered fries and all.

So in the break room at work, why not give the counters a quick once over Zr™ Water when you're down smothering that Miracle Whip all over your sandwich bread? Perhaps even dare to clean the commonly used knife rather than leaving it in the sink?

Oh the possibilities…

Give the Basura Some Love

While we're at it with the common areas, in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the counters and sink, why not offer to take the trash out?

We get it, you rarely use that trash can right, maybe throw one of two items in there per day?

Well, so does everyone else. And that adds up now doesn't it?

Taking out the basura will not only give your break room the "clean" appearance, but it will actually prevent that rotten banana peal smell that seems to encumber your noise every time you walk in there.

You probably make your sandwiches in the break room daily, but take it back to your own desk to eat huh?

But can you imagine? An un-rotten, clean break room for one to enjoy their Miracle Whip sandwiches in peace?

Heavenly. So give the basura some love- take her out.

Clean Your Germ-Brick

Fun fact time! Did you know that the average touch screen phone has 25 thousand germs per square foot?

Did you know that your keyboard has about 7 thousand different microorganisms inhabiting it?

Go ahead and pick up that Zr™ Water and give your previous technology a good once over.. or twice over…

That's pretty nasty, right?

But we never think about those things! We think because it's in our own hands, and we know we're not that dirty, it should be relatively clean right?

WRONG. Obviously, as those statistics just told us.

Think of all the things you touch during the day. All the places you go. All the places you set your phone. Oye Vey…

Do yourself a favor and keep your technology clean. This is how everyone in the office gets each other sick!!

Unless you have an awesome cleaning crew that comes to clean your office weekly, you should definitely be making your own efforts to cleaning your office, the common areas, and… the bathrooms…

Ugh we know, who likes cleaning the bathroom? We barely like cleaning the bathrooms in our own homes, let alone a disgusting public one…

But as we know, it's pretty important to have a clean bathroom.

So take that Zr™ Water and head over to the poop room and get to work! It'll be worth that sweaty brow when you're done.

Maybe make an office schedule per week- a chores list if you will- of what needs to be cleaned in the office each week, and who's turn it is. So hey, at least it's not you having to do the dirty work every time right?!

It's that, or hiring a cleaning lady… you chose! The fate of your coworker's health is in your hands!

Pristinely Clean Flooring with Zerorez

Believe it or not, commercial flooring is an even bigger magnet for dirt, soil, skin cells, odors, and germs than your home!

Commercial flooring sees a significant amount of traffic in a day's work, therefore keeping the carpets clean is also vital to having a clean office.

Most experts believe that carpets should be vacuumed at least twice a week.

Now, that's probably pretty common in our own homes right? This is because we obviously care about our homes more than we care about our office.

It's also because it is more visibly noticeable at home when the carpets are dirty.

The carpets are longer, shaggier, more lightly colored. When the carpet begins to look less fluffy and dirt is getting stuck to our bare feet, we know it's time to vacuum.

But in the office, it's not quite so obvious, because these types of carpets are designed to hide their dirty secrets.

So in addition to vacuuming your filthy office carpeting twice a week, we also recommend having your commercial carpets cleaned a maximum of 12 to 18 months!

Of course, depending on your type of office space, you may consider a professional cleaning once every 6 months!

No one cleans like we do! If you want the best and highest quality commercial floor cleaning for your office, you can't beat our patented cleaning process. No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®!

When it comes to commercial floor cleaning in the Phoenix valley, Zerorez is The Right Way to Clean®!


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