2021 Carpet Trends

2021 Carpet Trends

Carpet can brighten up a room, make guests feel comfortable and welcome, help you feel cozy and warm during colder months, and provide a soft and safe space for babies and kids to play. There are so many benefits to carpet; it's no wonder carpet is such a hit in homes all over the United States.

You may only be familiar with one or two kinds of carpet, but read on because we are about to introduce you to some of the most popular carpet trends of 2021!

Staircase Carpet

Staircase carpet has recently become very popular! Many homeowners like it installed on wooden stairs along the center leaving a few inches of wood on each stair's left and right side. When installing staircase carpet, homeowners often choose carpet with textures (such as sculptured carpet), patterns (such as herringbone), or multiple colors (black and white or teal and white are popular color combinations).

Carpet Tile

If you are looking for a cheap and trendy carpet flooring option, you may consider installing carpet tile! Carpet tile comes in squares. It can be put together in any desired pattern and is easy to install. Carpet tile is a popular option for restaurants, bars, and other commercial settings but has risen to become a popular choice for homes as well. Homeowners who choose this flooring option often select an assortment of carpet tile colors then place them in a colorful pattern across their floor from wall to wall to give their rooms a funky and trendy look!

Patterned Carpet

As you may have seen in many homes that have been updated this year, accent walls are very in style. Similarly to this, so is accent carpet! A wall with patterned wallpaper or decorative paint schemes gives a room its own personality. Do you like the sound of giving the rooms in your home a personality? If your answer is yes, you are the perfect candidate for a home with patterned carpet. There is a wide variety of carpet patterns to choose from. This year, it is common to see everything from wide stripes, to cheetah print, antique rug patterns, and plaid.

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