3 Tips to Master the Summer Dog Walk

To celebrate the "Dog Days of Summer" promotion going on at Zerorez Nashville, we would like to highlight some helpful tips, tricks & resources for you and your pooch during the month of August!

While we want to keep our dogs in the best shape throughout the year, you may be doing more harm than good to your dog during this summer heat if you are not careful. If you want to continue with your daily walks during these 90+ degree days then be sure to follow these 3 tips to master the summer dog walk:

  1. Change your walk schedules to either the morning or night. This will make the walk more enjoyable for both yourself and your dog.
  2. Be sure you keep a water bottle with you in case your dog overheats. The main sign of dehydration is heavy panting, so if your dog starts to show this tell tale sign, stop in a shaded area and give him some water until the panting subsides. Or just play it safe and avoid the chance of dehydration altogether: take a couple stops throughout the walk to let your pup drink and wet his paws and stomach.
  3. Avoid the hot sidewalks. During these hot months sidewalks can reach up to 130 degrees. Try to keep your walks on the grass, but if sidewalks and streets can't be avoided then consider putting some dog booties on your furry friend…yes, dog booties! This is a fad that is actually taking traction, so there are tons of options out there. They will help keep your pet's paws cool and will also keep them from blistering. A good piece of advice to follow is if you place your hand on the ground and it's uncomfortable to the touch, then it's too hot for Fido's feet.

Follow these 3 tips during the summer heat and you will be the master of the summer dog walk!

August "Dog Days of Summer" Promotion

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