4 Carpet Maintenance Tips For In Between Professional Carpet Cleanings

When you get professional carpet cleaning from Zerorez® you've taken the first step to making sure that your carpeting looks good for a long time. Here are some tips for keeping it clean and attractive in between professional cleanings:

1 - Remove Your Shoes

It may seem like a simple thing but taking off your shoes (and everyone else's) can significantly prolong the life of your carpet. Dirt and grime that is tracked through your home not only makes your carpeting look bad, it also acts as an abrasive that wears out carpet fibers and padding fairly quickly. If you have a mud room off of an entrance into your home, make that entrance your primary way of accessing your home to make removing your shoes more convenient. If you don't have a mud room, set aside a small space near your main entrance for piling up shoes.

2 - Keep Your Pets Groomed

Pets are a great addition to any family, but they can be rough on flooring. Matted pet hair and dander can make carpeting look dirty and pet claws and nails can damage carpet fibers. In addition, pets can track in the same kind of dirt that people can carry in on their shoes. Make sure to have your pets groomed often and keep their nails and claws as short as possible.

3 - Keep Messy Food In Non-Carpeted Areas

While it's fun to sit in front of the television and snack, food and drink spills account for a majority of carpet stains. Sodas, red wine, pizza sauce and more can linger in your carpeting long after the big game or movie-of-the-week is over. Try to keep messier foods in the kitchen and dining room area and stick with less colorful and less sloppy foods in the living room and bedrooms.

4 - Get Professional Help On A Regular Basis

Vacuuming your carpets frequently is the best thing you can do for them; but you must get the help of professional carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV at least once or twice a year to remove ground-in dirt and stubborn stains that vacuuming alone can't remove. A professional carpet cleaning service has the right tools, equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure that your carpeting looks great and won't need replacing before you're ready.

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