4 Reasons To Choose Leather Furniture

Leather is, without question, an awesome furniture choice. Because aren't we buying leather in the first place, so that it will last longer? Not to mention it looks fabulous?

Knowing that we made this expensive investment in our leather furniture, don't we want to take the proper steps so that it could last longer? Or so that it can continue to look great, even 10 years from now?

You better be shaking your head yes…

*shakes head yes*

Great! You should. And it's truly easy to do with the right professionals.

But if you're one who did not invest in leather furniture, you're probably wondering why leather is so cool anyways. Why choose leather furniture, over regular fabric furniture?

Today is your day to find out. Here are a few facts about leather furniture we bet you didn't know about.

1. Leather Only Gets More Beautiful

Not only does leather last a lifetime, which is why you no-doubt bought it in the first place, but it actually gets even more gorgeous with time.

Leather is a natural product, of course. Therefore, it ages naturally!

Leather furniture is actually a great investment- the value increases as it develops a more vintage look. It becomes more valuable when it's old! What else do you know of that actually increases in value as it gets older?

We'll wait…

Sorry, we just can't wait any longer! Because we can't think of anything either!

However, keep in mind, just because the leather ages, and the "old" look of it is popular, does not mean you shouldn't take care of it.

And we certainly don't suggest doing some DIY projects on it to increase the worn look of the leather. Believe it or not, that is a popular thing to do too…

But don't do it. Please don't.

Let it age naturally and gracefully, at it's own will. Applying chemicals, and wearing it manually, just isn't the same…

Take the proper steps to care for your leather furniture the right way!

2. Leather Isn't THAT Expensive

We're all under the impression that leather furniture is a bit more pricey than other types of furniture, right?

But the reality is, that even though it looks expensive and luxurious, it's actually a decent price.

Who said you couldn't have nice things, for a reasonable price?

However, it may be a couple bucks more for leather than regular upholstery

But if you think about it, it's completely worth those few extra bucks. Upholstery wears out and grows thin. It begins to lose it's elegant look, and color, after long periods of time (if not taken care of properly).

Whereas, when leather furniture wears, it wears in, creating the look and durability that humanity strives for.

Oh happy day!

3. Leather Is Impenetrable

Leather is invincible!! Muah-ha!

Well, actually, it's not totally invincible. However, for the most part, it IS inpenetrable!

For example, imagine your adorable little munchkin sitting on the couch. He's just hanging out, drinking his grape juice out of a cup, watching Yo Gabba Gabba. And he's getting revved up, singing along to one of the Gabba songs, and BAM.

Grape juice. All. Over.

All over him. All over your precious couch fabric. All over your carpet. All over your racing heart.

And because you have fabric upholstery… you try your best to hurry and do some stain removal surgery- but you have a delicious purple stain forever marking it's territory on your couch. And your life.

You never buy grape juice again. The End.

BUT let's take a step back. What if that was a leather couch?

"Ahhh, Obi-Wan Kenobi… So bad grape juice is not…"

All you would've had to do was soak it up with some paper towels. Then, of course, go back and wipe it up with a damp cloth, so as not to have a sticky couch.

What if perhaps, your gigantic Great Dane gets excited, as you sit down with your In-N-Out Burger. And normally, you always feed him, because let's face it, you're a push over….

But this time, you don't want to share your burger with this giant tubby guy!

He bounds over anyways, expecting a bite, but instead, completely overpowers you AND steals your burger. Nails digging into the couch, wiping drool all over your face and the leather. But guess what?

You just have a 3 step process to fix this disaster:

  1. Simply wipe the drool off the couch (because it's leather!)
  2. Scold your dog…
  3. Go back to In-N-Out and get another burger

Other than some drool, your leather is safer than Santa at Christmas time.


Ans that's because your leather was stronger than your dog's nails. Are you thinking about leather furniture now?

4. Leather Care Is So Hard

Said no one ever…

Contrary to popular belief, leather furniture is NOT hard to care for. In fact, it's actually much easier to care for than fabric upholstery! Of course, there is a basic nature to the care.

Such as, you know, the more obvious care instructions, such as not using chemical cleaners and detergents on your natural leather…

And of course, wiping up spills as soon as they happen!

Not to mention, you can be in the clear altogether, by just having professionals come to clean your leather furniture every 12-24 months. Of course, the time period in between cleanings, completely depends on how much traffic that leather has seen.

But the reality is, you want to care for your leather furniture just as much as you care for your other furniture.

Leather was once part of an animal- therefore it will dry out, split, or crack, if not taken care of properly. Or conditioned properly by the right professionals!

See- super easy to care for!

Unlike fabric upholstery, which attracts and collects every speck of dust, dirt, grime, skin cells, hair, liquid, etc., that it can get it's grubby fabric hands on! Gross right?

But leather? Vacuum that furniture piece to remove most of the dirt and dust every few days, and get it professionally cleaned every few months for the caked oils and soils- Wa-Laa!

Fabulous. All. The. Time.

How Does Our Leather Cleaning Process Work?

Well, it's quite simple really. It works much like any of our other cleanings.

It all begins with you calling us, or booking your appointment online.

At the time of your service, we arrive in our wrapped vans, Zerorez® shirts, and get to work on your leather furniture. We begin by gently agitating the leather, while applying our our premium grade leather cleaner, which also draws our and loosens embedded soils and oils.

In the process, we are also rejuvenating and revitalizing your leather upholstery. We do this by restoring the oils and conditioners that are naturally needed to maintain a healthy leather surface!

With our patent-pending wand, and premium leather cleaner, and we naturally clean and condition your natural leather- like it should be cleaned.

Most importantly, the quality of your leather isn't soaked through and compromised! You can have your cake and eat it too…


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