4 Reasons You Need Carpet Steam Cleaning: Brighten & Freshen Your Home

If you think that carpet steam cleaning isn't a necessity, think again. Clean carpets can go a long way toward making a home feel fresh and ready for spring. At Zerorez, we've seen first hand just how dingy and dirty floors can get. We also know how refreshing it is to clean those dirty carpets, then take a deep breath and smell nothing but freshness. With carpet steam cleaning you can experience that that freshly cleaned carpet smell too.

Hot Water Extraction Rinse Leaves Little To No Residue

Using a traditional carpet shampooing system to clean your carpets means that you're putting chemicals into your home. At Zerorez, we understand why it's important to many of you to reduce the amount of chemicals used in your home, and we know that our steam cleaning system leaves less chemical residue when used on your carpets.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Means Less Off-Carpet Time

Because of the powerful suction and the carpet cleaning professional's attention in monitoring how much liquid is applied to the carpets, we guarantee that less water will be left behind, and you'll be able to use your freshly-cleaned carpets more quickly than you might with other cleaning methods. Carpet steam cleaning in Las Vegas, NV means that you can get back to your daily life without tiptoeing around the edges of a wet carpet.

Steam Cleaning Kills Dust Mites And Freshens The Smell Of The Whole Room

The heat that our systems put out as they clean your carpets has the power to kill dust mites, prevent mold and mildew. Not only does it kill any dust mite infestation you may unknowingly have in your carpet, but the suction also helps to ensure that the fragments of these pests are removed from your carpet.

Steam Cleaning Removes Built-Up Residues And Brightens Carpets

When the professionals from Zerorez come in to clean your carpets, you can be assured that your flooring will be left looking like new. Not only does our Zr Clean™ technology remove built-up residues, it also brightens your carpets without the user of chemical brightening agents.

If you're dreading inviting people in because you're concerned about what your carpets look and smell like, call us at Zerorez at 702-567-0016 for professional carpet steam cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. Visit our online home, www.zerorezlasvegas.com, to learn more about our cleaning services and how we can help you to freshen your home for spring!

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