4 Simple Steps to Make the Best Impressions in Your Entrance Way

by zerorez

The entrance to your home or commercial property is the first impression people get when they walk in. It sets the tone for their entire visit. A strong first impression can help people overlook other imperfections in the property, whereas a bad first impression will have people seeing the negatives in everything.

1 - Stay Organized

Almost everybody loves to unload as soon as possible after a long day at work. We kick off our shoes, shed our coats, drop our backpack and umbrella, and maybe get our keys out of our pockets. Perhaps we even drop mail by the front door if we don't have time or energy to sift through it right away. All of that stuff can create a pileup of clutter right inside your door, which isn't exactly the most welcoming sight. Find an organized storage solution to keep everything tidy, and guests won't be overwhelmed as soon as they come inside.

2 - Have a Place to Sit

If you have a no shoes policy to protect the carpet in your home, people will need a place to take their shoes off when they come in and put them on when they go out. A simple chair or bench will be enough to keep people from leaning on the walls or having to sit on the stairs. Just try to make sure it doesn't become a catch-all that gets piled up with your belongings (see tip #1).

3 - Use Light and Warm Decor

If you have lots of natural light coming into your entrance way, a mirror or two can help bounce even more light back into the space. Otherwise, nice lamps, candles, or a chandelier can help light the place up while also adding some style. Further, cultivate the warm look by adding some indoor plants to the entrance.

4 - Have Nice Area Rugs

If you don't have space for a lot of furniture and decor, a rug can make a great statement to everyone entering your property. Find one that fits with your style and the shape of the room. Long entries may call for runners, while other spaces are better served by round or square rugs.

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