4 Thanksgiving Tips for Keeping Your House Clean

We all know how exciting the holidays are this time of year (and also how stressful). If you plan on being the party host this Thanksgiving holiday, you are no doubt spinning with stress!

Where is everyone going to sleep? What are you going to cook for your guests each night they stay over? What are you going to cook for Thanksgiving dinner itself?

How are you going to keep everything clean in the process? Having to clean the kitchen, not to mention the entire house that you have a plethora of people staying in!

Then there's the process of actually cooking the dinner. AND also having to wash and re-use dishes, cleaning the kitchen and the dishes during, and after the meal. Where are the leftovers going to fit in this fridge?!

Now the kitchen floor is sticky and pink after cooking the Thanksgiving meal. It's okay, we all drop a full pot of cranberry jelly… And let's not even talk about the kids running in and out of the entry way, tracking in mud and dirt!

The real question is, how are you going to get 8 hours of peaceful sleep every night Susan?

While Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of year, it is also more stressful than Christmas and Halloween combined! Especially if you are the host of the gathering. If you're not the host… well you better give thanks, that you weren't!

Regardless of the amount of stress you are looking toward, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy the festivities with your family, too!

Though we can't help you with the actual cooking process, and the lodging of your family, we can provide some great cleaning tips for you!

1. Create A List

Organization is most definitely an important, key component of a successful Thanksgiving dinner. We can do this by creating a to-do list of sorts.

Your list can include reminders as simple as "buy cranberry jelly" or "get paper plates".

Most importantly, you should create your to-do list to help organize the actual cooking and cleaning process. We suggest doing as much as you can prior to the day of- bake your pies, or prep the cranberry sauce the day before!

No one ever got hurt planning ahead thoroughly… did they?

Make a plan, or a schedule for the day off, to keep yourself on track. Write down how much cooking time you will need for each item. What needs to go in the oven first, and what can go in last! Create a cooking schedule if you will!

Does this sound insane?

You can also try creating a list of all the ingredients you will need in the process of cooking. That way, before you even begin cooking, you can check your list, lay it all out, and arrange all the spices and ingredients you will need during your process.

If you're wondering, why will this crazy list help me? Well, this way you can have your plan, and your thoughts written down accordingly, as the day arrives.

You can spend less time wondering "where is my garlic powder gosh d****t!" or "I forgot to buy the cranberry sauce, oh no. Bob run to the store!".

Spend more time cooking smoothly, and thoroughly, and less time worrying about everything that can, and might, go wrong!

Creating a list and making a plan or a schedule could severely decrease your chances of a truly disheartening Thanksgiving!

2. Clean As You Go

Right behind creating a plan, is cleaning as you go! If you start by scheduling your cooking, laying out your ingredients, and ensuring your list is flawless, your only problem should be worrying about the oncoming mess!

You can avoid all the other stress that comes with cooking the Thanksgiving meal by utilizing your list, but you can't avoid the inevitable cooking mess yet to come. You WILL make a mess, okay?

We promise that much Susan.

So instead of pretending it won't be an issue, or even letting the spills and messes marinate and dry into your counter or tile until after the dinner- clean as you go!

Keep the paper towels close.

We also recommend keeping a spray bottle of our Zr Water® within reach at all times. The best part about this is you don't have to worry about it being near food or little ones getting their hands on it, as it's completely non-toxic!

Combine our Zr Water® with some paper towels and it's practically the quickest picker-upper on the planet right now (besides your dog). Keeping the combo nearby is not such a bad idea- just spray, wipe up your spill quickly, and toss it in the trash!

Waa-laa! No cranberry sauce crunchies under your feet, or gravy cakes on your counter! And hey- added bonus- you don't have to worry about cross-contamination and food poisoning your guests! Whoopee!

3. Having A Helper

We're not sure what kind of Thanksgiving host you might be. Perhaps you are planning on utilizing grandma's help in the kitchen, or possible doing it all alone- either way you should consider having a helper!

Why you ask? Well, you can simply tell them what to do! If you are one who wants to make all the food yourself, that's okay.

Consider having the kids set out plates and utensils, have grandma clean the cooking dishes in between use, all while you slave away on the dinner.

Maintaining a clean kitchen for Thanksgiving is essential. While you cook, and wipe up messes with Zr Water®, your helper can be cleaning the dish you need to re-use to cook the green beans in!

You most likely did not consider dish cleaning and re-using in your detailed Thanksgiving meal schedule.

Might as well accept a helping hand!

Not only will this decrease your stress, but it also increases the smoothness of the holiday experience. Not to mention, speed up the process a bit. no longer shall you wait for that green bean pot- grandma's got this.

4. Take It Easy

In our experience, the host and the cook are under the most stress during this holiday. In the midst of worrying about the dinner, they also have to manage an orderly household- cleanliness, socialization with the family, keeping the kids entertained and at bay, and simultaneously sustaining their own sanity.

We understand the holiday itself, is extremely energy-consuming as the host. But don't wear yourself thin! By adding too much on to your plate, you are only adding on more to worry about.

Take it easy- slow down.

Yes, the kids are screaming, laughing, and running in and out of the house. The bathroom is a mess. Uncle Jerry dropped a slop of gravy on the couch. There's mud on your carpet, and cranberry sauce on the kitchen floor.

But remember this is not an everyday life occurrence- this happens once a year. Ut's okay to have ONE disorderly day a year.

You're with family- don't worry about the carpet and tile stains right now. You all know each other well- therefore you know that each other is not perfect!

Instead of burdening yourself with trying to remove stains, and making the kids quiet down- simply enjoy your time with your family.

Worry about the rest later.

Call Zerorez®

The days following Thanksgiving will come quickly enough- which means what you think it means. Hurry up and call Zerorez®!

You can finally stop stressing about the cleanliness of your house, or where all of your relatives are sleeping.

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When you get back from your relaxing spa day, you can finally sit back, and enjoy your pumpkin spice latte.

Zerorez® will come to remove the memories of a mud-tracked entry way, a cranberry-caked kitchen floor, and a gravy-soaked couch.

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