4 Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean During Football Season

It's football season…so get ready for your Sundays to consist of food, drinks, friends, noise…and the inevitable spills. But don't let this ruin your good time! If you want to continue to maintain your carpets, here are four tips to keep your carpets clean during football season.

  1. Make sure your guests take off their shoes at the door to keep them from tracking dirt and debris into your home. Get creative so you don't have to badger each guest as they walk in by leaving a sign by your front door and a conspicuous area to place the shoes. If any of your guests insist on keeping their shoes on then have a mat at the door where they can really wipe off their shoes.
  2. Vacuum more frequently during the season to avoid an extra buildup of dirt and grime caused by the increase in traffic (click here for 4 tips on how to maintain your carpets in-between cleaning).
  3. If anyone spills their drink or food, don't let it dry. Grab a damp, clean towel and blot the spot. If it's during a real nail-biting moment then leave a soaked wet towel on the spill and then get to it shortly after. If you have our Zerorez® Spot Remover, dab it immediately onto the spill with a neutral color towel. Rubbing the spill will only cause it to spread.
  4. If any spills occur that you cannot get out then give Zerorez Nashville a call! With our cleaning system, we will get that stain out without the use of any detergents or harsh chemicals. Your carpet will be back to looking great for the next game and you won't have to deal with long drying time (like you would with the other guys).

Follow these steps and you will be able to cheer on your favorite team without having to worry about your carpets.

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