4 Tips to Stay Ahead of a Cluttered Home (and Mind)

When thinking of "cleaning house", typically what comes to mind is an entire day completely gone to dust, cleaning supplies & vacuuming. This is because you haven't balanced out these tasks throughout the week so it's all saved up to waste away on one of your precious weekend days! However, you will find that if you just adjust your mindset and prepare yourself for a few daily changes you can get those weekends back and use it for, oh I don't know, fun!

Tip 1: Use the 2 Minute Rule
The 2-Minute Rule will change your life. It works for big goals as well as small goals and the idea is simple; starting something is the hardest part.

How does it work? If a task at hand can take you less than 2 minutes, then do it now.

Sounds easy enough, and it is. So when you finish breakfast this morning and place your coffee cup and cereal bowl in the sink before running out the door…take the 2 minutes (really 30 seconds for this) and put them in your dishwasher instead. Instead of flinging your shoes across the room, your bag on the floor and your keys on the table when you get home, take the time to place them all in their designated spots. When going to bed, don't pretend like you didn't notice that your dishwasher is full of clean dishes…take the 2 minutes and put them away.

The 2 Minute Rule really applies to the rest of the tips below, so keep this going and you will really be on to the right track for a tidy home (which leads to a tidy & uncluttered brain!).

Tip 2: Clean Up After Yourself

This goes hand-in-hand with the 2 Minute Rule, but clean up after yourself and you can avoid dealing with a big mess. Don't just put your dishes in the sink and let it pile up into a monster for everyone to dread! Clean your dishes immediately after your meal. This goes with taking out the trash as well- if the trash is full, take it out to the garbage cans immediately and be done with it.

Tip 3: Start the Day Out Right
Before you leave your house, make your bed. Yes, yes, this is obvious, but are you actually doing this everyday? On the days that you do, don't you feel like you have set your day off on a more productive note? Make your bed every morning this week and see how much better you feel.

Get the dishwasher emptied every morning and ready to go for the day. Yikes…this doesn't sound fun. But doing this in the morning lays the groundwork for an easy dinner cleanup at night and keeps dishes from stacking up in the sink throughout the day (get that trash out too on the way out the door).

Get a load of laundry in before you leave. Going back to the 2 Minute Rule, this should consist of you taking an already existing pile of clothes, sticking it into the laundry machine and pressing start (or delay start if you have a long day ahead and don't want to come home to moldy smelling clothes) which sounds like a 2 minute job to me! When you get home, switch the clothes to the dryer and keep it up…you're on your way to avoiding a massive laundry day.

Tip 4: Plan Ahead for the Day
What a difference it makes to plan ahead. Whether it's picking out your outfit the night before or creating your grocery list for the next day, you can really clear your brain for a great night's sleep and start your morning off with one less thing to worry about.

These 4 tips seem simple enough but will really make a huge impact on your everyday life. And hopefully, with a little persistence and determination, you will avoid one-day "clean-a-thons" that take up an entire precious day of your weekend. Enjoy the newfound time & fun!

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