5 Myths About Spring Cleaning

Ah, Spring. The time for baseball, open windows, and cleaning those pesky areas of your house that have been ignored since the kids started school last fall. Spring cleaning is a popular seasonal activity, but all too often, people abide by myths that are, well, just plain false.

Don't waste your time this spring, and instead, learn from these cleaning myths.

Myth #1: Bleach is best

While, bleach does a great job of disinfecting and killing bacteria, it does not remove dirt and other surface residue well. In fact, bleach tends to push dirt around, causing more of a mess than when you started scrubbing. Instead of opting for this classic, use nontoxic cleaners like lemon juice to really cut through grime and get your house sparkling. Pro tip: using Zerorez® Zr™ Water to clean before you disinfect will make your disinfection process much more effective. Click here for more info from the CDC on cleaning and disinfecting.

Myth #2: Citrus peels are a safe option for deodorizing garbage disposals

Citrus peels are often a go-to for households craving a fresh scent, especially in the kitchen, but when shoved down the disposal without properly being ground, these peels can clog your drain and even corrode the metal inside. Instead, opt for a few tablespoons of white vinegar to keep both your air and appliance happy.

Myth #3: Vacuuming is bad for your carpet

Many people argue that vacuums with rotating brushes cause carpet to stretch, pull, and wear out, but the opposite is true. These rotating bristles help to trap and suck away an optimal amount of dirt, which helps your carpet to stay maintained for years. Check the Carpet and Rug Institute for more information about which vacuums are best for your carpet.

Myth #4: You should always wash clothes in cold water

Yes, washing clothes in cold water is great for the environment and energy costs, but cold water actually can encourage the spread of bacteria and mold that live in the fabrics we wear. Wash your clothes on the warm setting to keep both them, and your family, healthy. High heat is best when washing bedding (assuming it is pre-shrunk) because hot water will help kill bacteria and dust mites.

Myth #5: Cleaning grout is impossible

While cleaning tile grout isn't glamorous, it most certainly isn't impossible. In fact, cleaning your grout is simple when you apply a simple vinegar and baking soda solution, and scrub with an old toothbrush. With just a little effort and time, your tile will look brand new. However, a much easier solution that doesn't require hours of work on your hands and knees with a toothbrush is to call Zerorez!

Do your research before you dive into spring cleaning this season. By understanding these powerful myths, you will be able to get your house in top shape in no time. And that's a fact!


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