5 of the Most Common Carpet Spots and How to Avoid Them

Carpets add warmth, comfort, and style to every room in your home. However, they do require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking and feeling soft and bright. One of the biggest challenges of owning a carpet is dealing with stubborn spots that can be difficult to remove.

As experts in the carpet cleaning industry, Zerorez® is here to tell you about the most common carpet spots and how you can avoid them.

1. Red Wine spots

Red wine spills (as well as other darker, red liquids) are notorious for leaving tough spots on carpets. The best way to prevent these spots is to avoid drinking any sort of dark colored liquids in carpeted areas. However, accidents do happen. If you spill on your carpet, the key is to act fast. Do your best to pat the area dry, and get on the phone with your local Zerorez to schedule a cleaning right away.

2. Pet spots

Pet spots are a common problem for pet owners, unfortunately. If your furry friend has an accident on your carpet, the first step is to blot up as much of the liquid as possible and call in the experts. These spots are much more difficult to get out, and they always have the potential for reappearing, even after a professional cleaning. To avoid pet spots, avoid having carpet or area rugs in the spaces where your pets spend most of their time.

3. Coffee spots

Coffee spots are another common problem for many people. To prevent coffee spots, avoid drinking coffee on or near your carpeted areas. If you spill coffee on your carpet, blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Most warm liquids lift fairly easily, so acting fast is crucial. If you are unable to lift the coffee from blotting it, contact the Zerorez experts.

4. Grease spots

Grease spots are notoriously difficult to remove from carpets and area rugs. To avoid grease spots, be careful when eating greasy or oily foods near your carpeted areas, and even upholstered furniture. If you do get a grease stain on your carpet, blot the spot just like any other liquid, then apply a mixture of baking soda and water to the affected area. This should help to absorb some of the grease, but if not, it is important to give us a call to schedule a cleaning as fast as possible to avoid a permanent stain.

5. Ink spots/Marker Spots

Ink spots and marker spots are another common problem for families. To prevent ink spots, be careful when using pens or markers near your carpeted areas, and avoid using anything permanent. Most pens and markers are made to be washable now, which allows the Zerorez carpet cleaning team to lift the spots with ease.

Accidents happen, and if you do get a stain on your carpet, it's important to act fast and use the right techniques to remedy the situation. By following these tips and leaning on the Zerorez team, you can keep your carpets looking fresh and new for years to come.

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