5 Tips To Make Your Home Merry And Bright For The Holidays

Holidays are a time to celebrate and host parties with family and friends. It's important to feel prepared before the hustle and bustle so you can let yourself relax during the holiday season. Here are some simple tips to help you get your home ready for all the holiday fun!

1. Start by decluttering.

Old holiday decor accumulates year after year, and sometimes it can lead to your home feeling small and crowded before guests have even arrived. By getting rid of the holiday decorations that you've outgrown, you can create a festive feel without having to worry about space.

Check out our blog on how to get started decluttering!

2. Stock up on the everyday supplies.

When family and friends come into town, we often think about setting out towels and dusting every corner. One thing that's important to remember is stocking up on toilet paper, soaps, paper towels, lotions, and even toothpaste for forgetful guests!

3. Rearrange the furniture.

With the potential for more guests coming in and out of your home, you may benefit from rearranging your space. That could mean moving a small table out of the house to make room for a larger table to seat more people. Or, it may mean shuffling couches and chairs around to create more walking room.

4. Split up the chores.

Now is the time to divide and conquer. Holiday cleaning is no easy feat, so getting your family involved can help it go by faster. Starting with simple chores for the kids, watch as your to-do list gets cut in half thanks to the extra pairs of hands.

5. Get a professional cleaning.

This holiday season, remember to ask for help. The experts at Zerorez® are here to help.

Upholstery Cleaning: You want to make sure all the furniture in your home is in tip-top shape. Getting your furniture professionally cleaned can help lift any spots and restore the natural, bright color of your upholstery. Give your home a refresh with a Zerorez® upholstery cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning: Did you know that getting your carpet cleaned can help to brighten up your home? Because the change is gradual, it can be hard to tell just how dirty our carpets are. Getting them cleaned by the experts can reveal a noticeably brighter, softer carpet.

Tile and Grout Cleaning/Hardwood Cleaning: Bring shine back to your tile and hardwood floors with our gentle, yet effective cleaning methods. Once cleaned, we will seal your floors with our pet and family-friendly polyurethane sealant to add a protective layer over the top of your floors. This can restore the shine and keep your floors cleaner longer despite the holiday spills that are bound to happen!

The quickly approaching holidays can get overwhelming! Now is the best time to get ahead on the cleaning! Call Zerorez® for your pre-holiday cleaning services today.

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