5 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself and Your Home in 2022

5 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself and Your Home in 2022

Every year when January rolls around you vow to lose weight, save money or spend more time with family and friends. But what goals do you set for your home? Here are 5 ways to feel better about yourself and your home in 2022:

1. Clear your home of clutter

Clutter can increase stress levels and cause your home to look dated and dirty. Who wants that? According to UCLA's Center of Everyday Lives and Families, there's a link between high cortisol (a stress hormone) particularly in women who own homes and a "high density of household objects." Meaning the more stuff you have, the more stress you may experience. So be sure to regularly purge shelves, cabinets and drawers to prevent them from becoming overfilled.

2. Ask, does it bring me joy?

Go through things within your home and ask, does it bring me joy? If the answer is yes, keep it. If you hesitate or say no, donate it or throw it out. After that, think twice about what you bring into your home — and your life. Antoinette Nue, an Atlanta consultant who specializes in helping people simplify and go green, suggests, "Fill your home with the things that raise your energy level and make you feel good, and get rid of the things that drain your energy or are broken."

3. Don't Compare

We're all at different stages in our lives. We might have young children at home (just accept messes as the norm right now) or no children home, we might be struggling with money or rolling in it, we might be going through hard times or happy times, we might be a clean freak or a casual cleaner. The truth is, someone will always have a bigger, better, cleaner, more beautiful home. And that's okay. The quote, "Comparison is the thief of joy," which has been attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt and others, evokes a powerful sentiment that can be life-changing. If we compare ourselves to others, we may be left with feelings of inferiority or superiority—and neither creates an emotionally healthy human being! Be inspired by others and be careful not to compare yourself to them.

4. Make your bed every morning

Check! You accomplished something today! This simple task of making your bed every morning is a powerful way to start your day. According to a survey by Hunch.com, 71% of people who make their beds consider themselves happy. So when you roll out of bed each morning, take the extra 2 minutes to tuck in your comforter for a cleaner, brighter, happier day.

5. Deep Clean Your Home Quarterly

Maintaining a clean and organized home can help you feel like you're more in control of your life. Surface clean your home regularly. Put things away, vacuum and mop floors, dust furniture, wipe down surfaces, etc. Then do a deep clean quarterly. Clean windows, wipe down walls and baseboards, clean out cupboards, draws, microwaves, ovens, and fridges. Most importantly, schedule an appointment with Zerorez® to have your carpets, hard surfaces, upholstery, rugs, etc. professionally cleaned.

Not every day is going to be perfect. Your home won't always be perfectly clean and organized. Try to make the best of where you are in life and find joy in that.


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