6 Fall Home Maintenance Items

Don't Miss these 6 Fall Home Maintenance Items

This fall season is the perfect opportunity to check things off your home maintenance list that you haven't had the time to get to yet this year. Some items on your list may be of high importance and should not be ignored any longer, some maintenance items may improve the health and safety of your home, while others are simply good to do because they will protect your home and prevent problems from occurring in the future. Though there are always tons of items you could be spending your time fixing this fall, here is a list of 6 home maintenance ideas that will help keep your home healthy, clean, and protected.

Clean Out Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters are bound to become full of dirt, leaves, and possibly even lost baseballs throughout the year. Because it is so easy to forget about dirty rain gutters, some homeowners can go years without even touching them! So, when you get ready to do some fall maintenance on your home this year, don't forget to clean out your rain gutters! And if they are in super bad condition, you may even consider replacing them.

Fertilize your Lawn

In order to keep your lawn looking its best during the summer and spring, it is essential to maintain your lawn during the fall! One way you can prepare your lawn for the fall and winter is to fertilize it. Applying fertilizer will help prevent damage that the winter months bring.

Change Air Filters

As soon as an air filter gets dirty, it should be replaced. Changing out air filters is often a home maintenance item that gets forgotten. Air filters are not something that you physically see every day, but they have a huge impact on the air that you breathe in daily in your home. To keep your home as safe and healthy as possible, changing out dirty air filters should be one of your highest priorities! While you are on the job of replacing your home's air filters, consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned! Click here for more information about Zerorez® air duct cleaning services.

Dust High Ceilings and Fans

Similar to the importance of changing your air filters, dusting the areas of your home that you cannot reach on a day-to-day basis is also important for the health of your home. The more dust that you can remove from inside your home, the better. Less dust equals better air quality!

Clean Carpet

Having your carpets cleaned is another great way to keep your home healthy. Not only are clean carpets healthier, but they are also far more comfortable, beautiful, and inviting! Having your carpet professionally cleaned can improve the health of our home because TONS of dirt, dust, and other pollutants get stuck in your carpet fibers every day. If it has been a while since you have had your carpets cleaned, talk to the Zerorez professionals about carpet cleaning services today!

Apply Carpet Protectant

Luckily, in the United States, most companies that sell carpet will have already applied a fabric protectant to the carpet before they sell it to you or before it is installed into your home. BUT, did you know that as soon as you have your carpets professionally cleaned the fabric protectant comes right off? That is an important piece of information to remember. The reason fabric protectant comes off during a professional cleaning is so that spots can be lifted from your carpet fibers. For example, if you spill a glass of red wine on your carpet, and your carpet has an applied fabric protectant, the red wine will attach to the protectant instead of staining your carpet. Then, when your carpets are cleaned, the protectant is lifted from your carpet along with the red wine spill! Tada! So, after you have your carpet professionally cleaned it is essential to reapply carpet protectant to protect your floors from future spots and stains. Find out more about Zerorez carpet protectant today!


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