6 Reasons Why Your Allergies Won’t Seem to Go Away

As winter approaches, many people expect to say goodbye to their allergies and hello to happier sinuses. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Indoor allergies can actually be worse in some ways, and the onset of winter can really amplify how rough it gets. Here is a list of reasons why your allergies seem to be worse in the winter.

1. It is dry out. One thing about winter is that the air typically tends to dry up. Inside your home you probably are running the heater often, which means there is little moisture in the air. And with windows sealed for the season, it remains that way for months. This means that any dust or spores are trapped in your home and circulating your home with no escape. Your nasal passages dry up and can crack, making your allergies even more uncomfortable. Getting a humidifier can help to keep your nose from drying out and hurting.

2. You aren't using microfibers. Many dusting products on the market do a better job of moving dust than actually lifting it. Using microfiber cloths and cleaning products can make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home and help to relieve you of some of the issues you face from dust that remains on your home's surfaces.

3. Your laundry detergent has dye in it. That's right, those colorful detergents can be the cause of allergy irritation. If you find yourself itchy and sneezy after washing your clothes, you may want to look for a better detergent that is free of scents and dyes.

4. You don't clean your vacuum out. Cleaning your cleaning tools seems counterintuitive on some levels, but filters give out on vacuums. If you are not keeping up with cleaning your vacuum cleaner, your vacuum may not actually be making as big of a difference as you might think or hope for.

5. Your air ducts have not been cleaned. Running the heater is essential during the winter, but without having your air ducts cleaned beforehand, you are likely making your allergies worse each day. Pollen finds its way into your air ducts in the spring and summer where it can get trapped. When you crank your heater, it can start to circulate that pollen all over your home.

6. Your carpet has not been cleaned. Carpets have a way of holding on to pollen, too. And when your air ducts start spreading it around your home, it makes it easier to get the pollen embedded in your carpet in high-traffic areas.

When it comes to air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning, call on Zerorez®. Our highly trained, professional team of experts can help relieve your allergies in just one day. Booking an air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning can be the difference between suffering through your allergies all year long, or finding some solace in the winter months before you have to worry about allergy season once again.


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