6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

We are more expensive than many other carpet cleaners in town, and we are that way on purpose. When we have cleaned for you, then you will understand why that is. Our technology is different, and superior, to any other method on the market, but that does come with a cost. If price is your only concern, then we are not the right fit for you, and encourage you to find another, more economic cleaning method.

Some things to consider when using price alone to make your determination for a carpet cleaner:

  1. Do they offer a superior product or service? Good tools, chemicals, products, and equipment all cost money to buy, use, and maintain. Using inferior products and equipment lead to an inferior cleaning, and overall dissatisfaction with the cleaning results. Many of our less-expensive competitors use very cheap chemicals and solutions which can damage or ruin carpet, upholstery and rugs.
  2. Are they really the cheapest? What are they not telling you over the phone? Many carpet cleaners will give a low price to get in the door, but will add things like "traffic lane cleaner" or "spot removal" to the price as the work progresses. While we to have add-on services, we are as up-front as we possibly can be with those services and their respective prices. We do not want to hide anything from our customers, and do our absolute best to give you an accurate estimate for the work you want done.
  3. How trained are the technicians doing the work? Most carpet cleaners are single owner operators, who ride along with someone for half a day to "learn the ropes" before buying their equipment and going to work. They may take a class or two, and may be part of a forum. All things we do as well, but it is amazing to see how many of them will jump around from soup to nuts, not understanding the work they are doing. Our technicians have a minimum of 3 weeks training with an experienced tech and several hours of classroom training before we even think about letting them be on their own. That training takes time an money, and must be built into the pricing structure as well.
  4. What resources does the company have? Most carpet cleaners, especially the single-owner operators, have very limited resources, and have only their own experience and connections to help them improve their service. We are part of a national franchise system, which, while adds to our cost, gives us a network with which we can lean on to help us grow and improve our services and products to you, our customer.
  5. How long does your current cleaner plan to be in business? Many of our customers have had their carpets, like you, cleaned in the past. But eventually, that cleaner goes out of business, either because they can't sustain all the previously mentioned expenses, can't figure out how to gain new customers (which takes time and money), get sick, die, or just plain get tired. Zerorez® is different- our model is built on the technology of our system, not the technician himself. We won't go out of business, and our product is more consistent, because that is how it is designed to be.
  6. Can they back their product or service up? We hear several times a month that we are more expensive than other carpet cleaners, but we also guarantee our work. You can always get a hold of us, and we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with our service. We hear, often, of other cleaners that charged too little to really get the job done right, and then the customer could never get back in touch with them. Would you rather have a technician who is paid well enough that he likes his job, and will take the time to do it right, or have someone who is going as fast as he can because he is working on volume, trying to clean as many rooms as he can, as fast as he can.

Give us a try, see if what we promise is true, and worth the price we ask for the services and products we provide. Take the Zerorez challenge, and let us turn you into a Raving Fan!


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