A Floor Story...

Welcome to Monday! We had a busy weekend, and it left me thinking about our kitchen floor. We started Saturday off by running down to Nampa, to pick peaches. We got a little carried away and picked 2 1/2 bushels for canning. We enjoy making peach sauce, and having canned peaches for pies throughout the year. After getting home and making a quick trip to the Boise Farmer's Market, and then to a couple of other places, we came home and got to work on mowing the lawn.

My lawn is about a half acre of weeds, and by the end of it, I was pretty dusty. (I'd like to say just taking my shoes off would have been sufficient, but it wasn't)

We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather as well, and went to the GreenBelt in Eagle, where we rode our bikes for a little, and then played in the river. By the time we got home, we were a dusty, muddy mess! It was at this point that we started, with the help of our 2 year old, to get the peaches sorted.

We tried to pick peaches that were close to being ripe, but not wanting peach soup in the back of the car by the time we got home, we also wanted them to be a little bit green. We found, however, that we still had several that were bruised, ripe, or otherwise needing to be canned right away, With the baby running around with a ripe peach, we had the evidence all over the floor. As you may know with most fruits, we had a sticky mess! combine that with the dust from my lawnmowing, we had a real doozy on our floor. The bad thing about our tile is that we can't see the dirt, we can only feel it, and boy did we!

On Sunday, we continued our canning (we left a little to cook in the crock pot) and then headed off to church. We had family over for dinner and games (and peach pie) and by the end of it, our floor was toast!

As we were cleaning things up at the end of the night, we swept the floor with a regular broom, and then broke out our micro fiber mop. We've been using this mop for years, and last night, I once again was amazed at how awesome the floor feels when I got done. I misted the floor with a little Zr™ Water, and then wiped it up with the mop, and the floors just felt amazing on my feet. There was no stickiness, they dried quickly, and felt, for lack of a better word, soft. I liked it so much, I even exclaimed to my wife, "Wow, this floor feels great!"

Even after using Zr™ Water and a microfiber mop for ten years, I'm still amazed at how well it cleans, and just how good our floors feel!


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