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“Nick was very friendly, courteous, efficient, and professional. He was knowledgeable both about Zerorez services and processes, but also the processes of their competitors when we discussed companies I have used in the past and how their processes differ from Zerorez. Nick discussed other services as well, such as duct cleaning, tile, marble and other cleaning.

Also, as Nick was cleaning, moving around the house from carpet to wood and back, as well as outside to his truck and back in, he was always aware of keeping our floors and carpets clean of transfer debris by either putting show covers on if he was outside or wiping them off as he moved from carpet to wood. He also ensured that every corner, be it wall or furniture, that would come in contact with equipment was protected with the corner protectors. After cleaning a carpet area next to a wooded floor, he wiped any liquid from the wooded area. He also wiped down the floor boards in other areas and pointed out ways to rejuvenate or extend our carpet life (carpet rake, stretching, etc).

Finally, he discussed what processes would be best for our situation and really ensured our repeated business and recommendations by discussing our needs and what Zerorez offers and not trying to upsell services that would be a waste of money due to the age of our carpet and the need for it to be replaced future.”

Eric L


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