A Guide to Staying Clean While Grocery Shopping

There is so much news about COVID-19 right now that it is hard to find a source for one specific aspect of this Virus. We want to be the source that provides you with information related to staying clean. That is what we have always done, and that is what we want to be for you at this time. So this is a first in a series of education pieces we plan to do to help you stay clean, starting with grocery shopping.

Shopping safely at grocery stores.

Don't go if you have a respiratory illness. Have someone you trust to get your food for you or have it delivered.

There has been a lot of information about shopping at grocery stores, and the fact of the matter is we still have to. We can't just stay in our homes if we run out of food. So we wanted to go through some advice that we believe is actually helpful.

Grocery Pickup or delivery - this is a great option and allows you to do your shopping without actually having to go to the store. It is safer for you and the employees because it allows you to practice social distancing but still get your groceries. This should be your first option when deciding to go to get groceries.

If grocery pickup or delivery is simply not an option then keep reading.

Use the cart wipes available at the grocery store. However, have the understanding in mind that it takes 4 minutes(or more at times) for the sanitizer wipes to disinfect, and the area must be visibly wet for those 4+ minutes for disinfection to occur

If you are a senior or a person at risk, most grocery stores now have a designated time specifically for you. Call your grocer ahead of time and ask them when this time is. If you are not at risk or a senior, please respect these hours.

Only touch what you plan to buy. This is not the time to feel all the fruit to get the best one. This is a time to think about staying clean, so when you get something make sure it is something you plan on getting.

If you have hand sanitizer bring it with you and use it often.

Do not touch your face when you are out, touching your face is how viruses (especially COVID-19) enters into your system. Be sure you are cautiously aware of this.

Keep your distance from other shoppers, it is considerate and will keep you safer.

Wash your produce after you purchase them. Get a produce wash if you can and use it.

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