Alkaline Water Benefits: The Zerorez Difference

Alkaline Water Benefits: The Zerorez Difference

Many folks wonder if Zerorez® "Zr Water" is just a marketing gimmick. It is not. The cleaning power of our alkaline water is actually at the heart of what makes Zerorez SoCal so unique in the carpet cleaning industry. High pH alkaline water is an amazing technology that is being used in other industries as well. The number of alkaline water benefits increases every day, and Zerorez SoCal is proud to blaze the trail.

Zerorez alkaline water has a pH of 12 to 12.5, which is 1,000 more alkaline than soap (usually at 9 or 9.5 pH). This allows Zerorez alkaline water to clean far better than soap while leaving No Residue® behind to attract new dirt and pollutants. This means that our alkaline water is absolutely "green" for people and pets, because it is "just" water. This is huge for family homes or people with allergies. Simply put, the Zerorez SoCal cleaning techniques are the best way to ensure the health and cleanliness of your home.

Of course it is not easy to create this "magic" water. We have a generator at our base that costs about $35,000, and each truck fills up with 450 gallons of this incredible solution each day to clean with. Alkaline drinking water is also providing some significant health breakthroughs! It seems that it works magic in your body as well as being a great way to clean your carpets. But that is a story for another day.

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