Alkaline Water Cleaning: An L.A. Times Article about Zerorez® SoCal

Alkaline Water Cleaning: An L.A. Times Article about Zerorez SoCal

What are two successful MBA educated businessmen doing cleaning carpets? If you ask Jeff Christensen and David Brisco that question, they might take a rain check only because they're incredibly busy changing the perception of the carpet cleaning industry. And they're doing it with water. Based in Irvine with a satellite office in Los Angeles and an office opening in Riverside, Zerorez is leading the carpet cleaning green revolution. Here's what the buzz is all about: they use only alkaline water on carpets and upholstery to clean what conventional detergent-based cleaning could never touch; and the water-based Zerorez cleaning solution leaves behind Zero Residue®.

The alkaline water comes from running softened, purified water through electrified platinum plates. This process creates both high and low pH solutions. Zerorez's high (at least 10.5 pH) alkaline solution outperforms other cleaners and de-greasers on the market. Zerorez's cleaning solution is much more alkaline than soap, and it therefore cleans much more effectively than soap without leaving a sticky, soapy residue.

The low (2.5) pH alkaline solution is another amazing byproduct of this technology. It kills mold, mildew, e-coli, listeria and a whole host of other bad microbials. According to Brisco, "It smells like bleach, and kills all these bad things, but it is just water and you can even drink the low pH water without harm." As Zerorez likes to say about its water: "A cleaning solution so pure, just ask our cleaning techs to drink it before they start the job."

The water technology was developed in Japan over 20 years ago. The Japanese, Russians, and some European countries have been using this special water to disinfect hospitals and other public areas instead using other more dangerous cleaning products. It's even being used to sanitize food. More recently, here in the U.S., some hotels and hospitals are adopting the use of this "miracle liquid."

Zerorez has patented the "miracle liquid" technology, which means it is the only LA/Orange County company capable of using this alkaline water to deep clean people's carpets. Of course, there are health benefits to using this type of water-based cleaning solution. People with allergies or asthma benefit because this is a much deeper cleaning, a process that, in effect, sterilizes the environment. Without using harmful solvents and toxic chemicals to clean carpets and upholstery, Zerorez's cleaning process is full of healthy advantages for the entire household.

Christensen and Brisco learned early on that carpet cleaning has a generally poor reputation, often due to over-promising results, bait and switch pricing tactics, poorly trained technicians, and a high personnel turnover.

The owners decided to combine Zerorez's superior cleaning process with corporate America's best management techniques. This approach seems to be paying-off for them and their customers. After all, carpet cleaning at Zerorez has become a truly green carpet cleaning solution.

Their cleaning process completely reinvents the traditional approach to cleaning carpets. Traditionally,
carpet cleaners use chemical detergents and boosters to unlock the electrical bond between the soil and the fiber. Regrettably, after introducing these cleaning agents into carpets, most of them stick around. Standard
carpet cleaning methods only rinse 60-70% of the soap out of the carpet fibers.

In contrast, the alkaline water used by Zerorez deeply cleans the fibers (Zerorez water molecules are clustered more compactly, so the solution flows through and purges the carpet more easily than detergents), but doesn't leave any residue behind to be rinsed out. That's because they never introduce detergents or other chemicals into the carpet in the first place.

The bottom-line is they take carpet cleaning very seriously. According to Christensen, "When Zerorez cleans a carpet the first time, we not only clean the carpet; we get the old soap or detergents that the other guys left behind. The result is carpet or upholstery that stays clean 2 to 3 times as long as traditional methods."

In the end, the carpet gets much cleaner and stays clean much longer, thus, Zerorez's carpet cleaning solution saves customers money in the long run. Cleverly, the name Zerorez says it all. Spelled forwards or backwards, the name stands for two pretty smart guys who have brought a truly green carpet cleaning solution to Southern California, with Zero Residue®. Give them a call. They can make carpets and upholstery seem new again. After they drink the water.

Zerorez Southern California website can be found at Jeff Christensen or David Brisco can be reached at the main office in Irvine at 949-387-2222 unless they are working out in the field or conducting employee training.


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