Alkaline Water Cleaning: How We Became the Guys Who Drink the Water

There are a ton of cleaning companies out there, and even more cleaning products. What is it that sets Zerorez® SoCal apart from all of the other cleaning options out there? One huge difference is that we are so confident in our alkaline water cleaning that we will drink it. Look under your sink, in your broom closet: you probably see a lot of different cleaning supplies that you use all the time in your home. But would you drink it?

alkaline water cleaning solution drinkable

Go ahead, drink it! (Please, don't really do this) How many cleaning products - especially super strength solutions - can you safely and comfortably consume? We'd be willing to bet you know of few, if any. Think of Zerorez as a super hero in the residential and commercial cleaning world. From carpets and area rugs, to drapery, to leather upholstery, natural stone, tile and grout and even mattresses, there is simply no better cleaning solution than the Zerorez solution.

Zerorez ZR Water is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful chemical-free cleaning solution that is free of suds, free of residue, and free of anything that could potentially be harmful to your family and pets. We are the only company that employs this superior cleaning technology, using a high pH alkaline water cleaning solution so pure that our technicians can actually drink it!

This cleaning technique is very important to us. We feel that the home is a place that deserves to feel safe and clean all the time. It's where your family gathers, where your children go up, and where your pets play. By keeping your home clean and chemical free, you can rest easy knowing that you have provided an safe and clean living environment, leaving you time to enjoy the finer things in life.

You can detox and eliminate the chemical residue other cleaners leave behind by calling Zerorez, the guys that drink the water!


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