Alvin and Dexter- Ticket to Ride Expansion

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day! If you are looking for something fun to do today (though with the sunshine, being outside sounds like more fun!) check out Ticket to Ride. I've already posted about the game, which we like immensely, but on Friday, we added a new dimension to the game- an alien and a monster!

The expansion pack for the Ticket to Ride games certainly added some new challenges to the game- the pieces represent challenges to all the players, especially when those pesky monsters show up on a city that you are trying to get to. And to add even more fun, the game encourages players to move the monsters around, by giving a substantial amount of points to the person who moves them the most.

Alvin and Dexter- Ticket to Ride Expansion
Alvin and Dexter makes a fun game even more challenging!

We enjoyed the new challenges presented by Alvin and Dexter, and I think you will, too!


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