Are detergent and soap ideal for cleaning carpets?

Are detergent and soap ideal for cleaning carpets… and what's the difference? The answer may surprise you.

The Down and Dirty of Detergent & Soap

A detergent is a chemical substance used to break-up and remove dirt and grime, while soap is basically one type of detergent.

Detergents today are usually a mixture of chemicals and additives, all boiled up in a large chemical plant. Detergents are typically powders or liquids, while soaps are usually solid. Soaps are made from fats and oils, or their fatty acids, by treating them chemically with a strong alkali.

Detergents are used in everything from the shampoo and shaving gel you use to the laundry detergents used for washing clothes. While these are essential to keep yourself clean and healthy, the fact of the matter is that they are chemical substances. For these to be effective, they must be completely removed and rinsed out to remove all of the dirt and grime. If not completely removed then what is left over is a sticky mess that attracts even more dirt.

Think about the last time you shampooed your hair. You rub-a-dub-dubbed (a lot) and rinsed a lot…then your hair was squeaky clean. But, if you failed to rinse enough, your hair became a sticky tangled mess!

How Traditional Carpet Cleaners Work

Traditional carpet cleaners still use soaps and detergents to clean. The problem when cleaning carpets with detergents is that you have to soak the carpets to remove the detergents, and even then there is still some of the soap and detergent left over (and you're left with a lot of drying time). The residue left behind attracts even more dirt and dust into your carpet later on, leaving you to clean more often.

How Zerorez® Works

This is where Zerorez (get it…Zero Residue®) differs from the rest of the carpet cleaners out there. Zerorez uses Zr™ Water, which is water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to act like a cleaning detergent but with none of the harmful chemicals that leave behind residues. You will see and feel the difference after your carpet is cleaned and you won't have the extended drying time from over-soaking…we guarantee it (if you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days after your cleaning we will gladly return to your home and re-clean the areas you are not happy with).

So next time you are thinking about getting your carpets cleaned make sure to give Zerorez a call!

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