Are You Drinking the Water?

"I have used Zerorez for years now and they are quite simply the best. Before discovering Zerorez, I used several other carpet cleaning companies and found them all to be mediocre. My carpets would also always seem to be a bit hard and crunchy afterwards (people who have had their carpets cleaned know what I am talking about). With Zerorez that never happens."

"The alkaline water and lack of detergent in the Zerorez cleaning process keeps the rugs cleaner after being treated."

"Great technician, worked hard and quickly. My carpets have never looked and felt so clean and I don't have to worry about strange chemicals being used in my house."

These are the most recent examples of comments we continue to receive on a daily basis many years (13 to be exact) after introducing the unique, patented and powerful chemical-free cleaning method to Southern California. Raised pH water was something new and different.

The idea that plain water could be an effective cleaning agent seemed foreign to most of us. However, ask Russia or Japan and they can sing the virtues of the numerous benefits that plain tap water, a tiny little bit of salt and a low current of electricity can do.

The steps to turn tap water into alkaline water are not terribly complicated. However, it is fraught with many potential complications and takes constant equipment maintenance and process monitoring to make sure the manufactured water is of the high quality and right pH level needed. On top of that, with a price tag of $60-80 thousand, the equipment needed to produce this Zr Water is quite expensive.

Japan has been the birthplace of Pokemon, Toyota, Sushi and many other trends, products and technologies that have not only been accepted but widely adopted by the rest of the world. Alkaline drinking water seems to be on the verge of doing the same.

Alkaline water is taking the world by storm! You have probably noticed that alkaline drinking water is popping up in specialty water stores, health food stores, and now even in some traditional grocery stores. What is going on?

Alkaline water has some amazing properties. It hydrates our cells better than tap water. It penetrates the cells more quickly and easily than tap water. And it purges our cells of contaminants more quickly than tap water. It actually acts like a surfactant (soap) for our bodies without containing any soap or surfactant. That is why many gyms and health studios are recommending alkaline water to athletes.

You may be wondering what this has to do with carpet and upholstery cleaning. It may surprise you to know that Zerorez has been using alkaline water in place of soap and surfactants since we started over twelve years ago. And the reason is simple.

We realized that one of the big problems with traditional cleaning was the left over, sticky residue which caused rapid re-soiling, not to mention the concerns about chemical contamination left in fibers.

By eliminating soaps and chemicals and cleaning with alkaline water we got rid of the residue problem. And just like the alkaline drinking water that hydrates and penetrates human cells, our alkaline cleaning water purges through the fibers more thoroughly and effectively, meaning the cleaned areas are chemical free, soft, and the clean lasts much longer.

Our patented, chemical-free cleaning solution is only available from Zerorez. We use a high tech generator to produce the solution, and the process and equipment are quite expensive, but we feel that the results are worth it, and certainly our customers would agree. (You can add your customer quotes here or point to them if used as a lead item).

So now you know why athletes, health advocates, and now even our carpet technicians are so taken by the alkaline water trend. And for those of us here at Zerorez, we can also say that using alkaline water instead of soaps or chemicals is simply "the right way to clean."

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