How to Decorate with Area Rugs - Latest Trends to Try

Area rugs often change the feel of the entire room that they are placed in. On hardwood floors, area rugs offer a soft cushion underfoot and can even make a room feel a little bit warmer. On carpeted floors, it can break up the monotony of the flooring and give the room a little more intrigue. There are so many practical reasons that we purchase area rugs, but at the end of the day, they look amazing in homes. Based on some popular trends we have seen, here are some ways you can decorate your home with area rugs.

Oriental Area Rugs

These rugs are typically handwoven or hand tied, which does increase the price tag usually. But the benefit is that the quality is higher, and they are usually more durable. Oriental area rugs are beautiful and ornately decorated to give your home some more interest. This kind of rug would work well in a room that feels like it lacks a statement piece.

Vintage Rugs

Some oriental rugs are vintage, and vintage rugs that are older than thirty years old are likely hand woven as well. Again, this can affect the price, but it also means you are investing in something that will last a long time. These rugs can vary in size, so adding one to your living room floor or opting for a smaller one to hang on the wall both work to show the beauty of these kinds of area rugs.

Area Rug Layering

Have you heard of the new rug layering trends? Jute is a popular area rug material, but unfortunately it can be really impractical. Jute cannot be cleaned thoroughly because it cannot get wet. But the upside is this new idea of layering rugs! Purchasing a large jute rug to go underneath another rug can still give you the look that you want with jute, while also protecting much of it from getting dirty. It also makes it more comfortable because jute has a rough feel underfoot. Throwing a smaller rug over the top makes the space look a little more beachy and bohemian.

Shag Rugs

Shag is certainly cute, but it is another type of rug that is very difficult to clean. Because the fibers are so long, shag has to be vacuumed in every direction to truly lift the dirt that hides in it. Adding a shag rug under your bed is a good option because it can help a room that feels empty become a room that feels more whole. Putting it under the bed limits the amount of space that gets dirty, which means easier cleanup for you in the long run.

Area Rug Cleaning

For a professional area rug cleaning, call Zerorez®! Our professional carpet cleaning company is trained in identifying different types of area rugs to administer the best method possible so that your area rug comes back looking better than you left it. We restore the life back to your carpet fibers and deep clean the dirt and grime to help refresh the colors. If you choose to decorate your home with area rugs, be sure that you get the cleaned with the best in the business. Protect your investments and call Zerorez.


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