Back to School!

Back to School!It’s that time of year again! When kids get up early, go to school, learn lots of great things, and then come home and do their homework. Here are some tips to help keep your home clean and the kids smart at the same time!

1. Vacuum regularly-

Vacuuming is the number one activity that will keep your carpet looking great, even with the back to school traffic. Vacuuming is also great exercise- in 30 minutes, you could burn over 100 calories! Give the chore to the kids, and it will help invigorate their brains, and improve their learning!

Vacuuming also helps to keep dust and allergens to a minimum. The less time your student spends blowing their nose, the more time they have to study hard!

2. Ditch the Swiffer-

I have a love/hate relationship with the Swiffer TV commercials- while they are funny, Swiffers and other types of mops often leave behind more dirt than they pick up. The use of the chemically treated pads leave behind a sticky soap residue, which then attracts more dirt, and makes your floor grungy. Some of our best “before and after” pics come from these floors.

Instead, using a dry microfiber dust mop is the most effective way to keep your tile, wood, and vinyl floors looking great. Occasionally using a little water misted on the floor, microfiber is a fantastic cleaning tool. You want to look for a good one- just like anything else, a cheap mop will break on you and wear out faster. We recommend at least an 80/20 blend, but 70/30 blend polyester and polyamide may be more absorbent. Check out our cleaning store for the mop we recommend.

3. Change those sheets and pillows!

Dead skin and sweat make a great feeding place for bacteria, mites, and fungi. Does your teenager’s room smell… funny? Often decaying body refuse, such as skin and sweat, which contain degraded hormones and other toxins, become a feeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria produce waste gases, and these gases are what you smell when you open their door. Keeping the sheets clean and replacing pillows can help tremendously with this odor.

And of course, as always, having your carpet and furniture zerorezified on a regular basis will help keep your home, and you student, clean and healthy! Have a great year!


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