Back to School = Cleanse Your House of Summer

After a long summer and even longer time with kids running around the house and parents working from home due to COVID 19, it's no surprise that your house is in need of a back to school cleanse.

Refresh that Furniture

Your furniture, especially upholstered couches, have likely received much more attention this year than they regularly do. Whether it be lounging around eating popcorn while watching a movie, or doing homework while snuggling up in a blanket, your couches have been well loved over the last few months. All of the love your furniture has received comes along with crumbs, sticky fingers, dirt, and dandar. Now that the back to school season has begun, take the time to properly clean and refresh your furniture.

If you are serious about properly cleaning and protecting your upholstered furniture, we have the solution for you. Furniture cleaning can be tricky, but Zerorez Austin can do all the cleaning for you and so much more. Zerorez® offers the best upholstery cleaning around. Our upholstery cleaning is done entirely withZr™ Water, meaning no upholstery cleaners and no harsh chemicals.Zr™ Water loosens up the dirt and grime and remove harmful substances and other unwanted things embedded in the fibers. You won't have to worry about finding a cleaning agent, checking the tags, and potentially ruining the fabric on your sofa. We will do all the dirty work for you AND make that cuddly couch clean again.

Clean those Carpets

If you consider how much additional foot traffic your home's carpet has seen this summer, you know it is time for them to get cleaned! They are likely looking more dingy and dirty than usual and could use some end-of-summer rejuvenation. Zerorez is perfect for a job like this! Check out our carpet cleaning service page here.

Improve your Air Quality

During the summer, your home's air conditioning is pumping pretty much nonstop (your utility bill can attest to that!). While you're staying comfortable, your home's ductwork is getting filled with even more dust, allergens, and bacteria. Don't go into flu season with your ducts sabotaging your health! Schedule an air duct cleaning appointment with Zerorez.

Restore your Area Rugs

Similarly to carpet, area rugs receive a lot of foot traffic picking up dust and dirt that often makes colors and patterns dingy. If your area rug has not been cleaned by a professional in a while, consider restoring its beauty with an area rug cleaning by Zerorez. With our molecularly altered Zr™ Water, we can give your area rugs a deep clean without damaging it with harsh chemicals. We take precautions to ensure that your rug does not bleed colors. In fact, many of our customers are blown away at how much we are able to restore the natural colors in dirty area rugs.

Make your Granite Shine

Granite surfaces are much more porous than you may realize. Proper granite cleaning is necessary to keep your home healthy. Let the Zerorez professionals make a hygienic surface of your granite surface once again.

Don't Forget the Bathroom

No matter how much elbow grease you put into scrubbing your bathroom floors and shower tiles, it never seems to be enough. With our tile and grout cleaning services, you will be shocked to see that we have restored your tile back to its bright and beautiful state. All the dirt that came along with your busy summer activities will be gone in no time.


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