Back to School Home Organizing Tips

Like it or not, the back-to-school season is here! One by one, the yearly responsibilities will begin their assault: we're talking about physicals, backpacks, binders, and book clubs.

Too many times, we've battled this barrage at the last minute, overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities we forgot we had. So this year, let's handle back to school like the pros that we are and start off the year ahead of the game.

To start off strong, check out our best tips:

Start now. The best way to stay on top of the game is to get the big things organized in advance: start scheduling physicals for sports as soon as possible, and find out about summer reading and other homework. These things are the most stressful when left to the last minute, so putting them behind you now will definitely bring peace of mind.

Make a school lunch station. We recommend buying a set of snacks, sandwich ingredients, and Tupperware specifically for school lunches and storing it in its own area. By organizing your lunch supplies, you can make meals much more quickly in the morning and easily figure out when you need more supplies.

Create a homework area. If your kids are younger, it can be hard for them to focus on homework and clean up when they're done. By setting up a specific homework station, you can ensure that they have a full stock of supplies and are focused on their work. In addition, cleaning up will be much easier when supplies are close by and already organized.

Buy and decorate a family bulletin board. This is a great place to put to-do lists, chores, weekly activities, and other tasks. This way, you'll know exactly what's left to do before the school year starts, without trying to keep track of it in your head.

Folders are your friends. If you have multiple kids, it can be easy to mix up their forms, homework, art, and other papers, so set up a station with folders for you and each one of your kids.

As long as you don't leave your planning until the night before, you'll come out of the back-to-school season victorious: colored markers in one hand, a glass of white wine in the other. Seriously though, getting organized for school takes almost no time at all and saves you so much last-minute anxiety, so it's a good idea to start as soon as possible.

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