Best Carpet Cleaner Tips: The Right Carpeting For Pets

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At Zerorez®, we are the best carpet cleaners and we know how much people in our part of the state love having carpeting in their homes. Why? Because carpeting feels cozy and comfortable and for families with small children, it's also serves as a pretty good cushion against bumps and bruises. But what if you're a homeowner with a pet? Is carpeting still a good choice? Just because you have a cat, dog or some other clawed critter living in your home, that doesn't mean you have to cover your home in tile, laminate or other hard flooring. You can still have carpeting; you just have to choose wisely. Here's a handy checklist to help you buy the pet-friendly carpeting you need:

✓ Choose Carpeting With Stain Resistance And Durability

Advancements in carpet-manufacturing technology have made carpets that are more durable and stain-resistant than ever. New product features allow carpet to hold up to the toughest wear and tear from pets and humans and to resist common household soil, spills and stains. Many carpet manufacturers make carpeting with a range of durability and stain-resistance from moderate to high and some even manufacture carpeting specifically made for homes with pets. This type of carpeting is made to not only resist pet stains, but to reduce pet odors and to release pet hair more easily.

✓ Choose The Right Carpet Fiber

The majority of carpeting produced in the U.S. is made from five distinct types of fibers - nylon, polyester, polypropylene, triexta and wool. Synthetic or man-made fibers, specifically nylon and polyester, are the most common types of fibers used in manufacturing home and commercial carpeting because they are the most resistant to abrasion, staining, color-fading and more. In addition, when it's time to call the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas, NV, Zerorez, to have your carpets professionally cleaned, you'll find that pet-generated stains that do remain in your synthetic carpeting can be easily removed with our patented cleaning technology.

✓ Choose The Right Carpet Pile

Carpet pile is generally looped or cut. Loop piles present two problems, one for pets and the other for pet owners. For pets, especially cats, loop-pile carpeting can pose a serious claw-snagging problem that can be painful. For pet owners, both dogs and cats can quickly shred loop-pile carpeting to make it look frayed and shabby, particularly in high-traffic areas. Both of these problems can be averted with cut-pile carpeting.

✓ Choose Colors And Patterns That Hide Soil

Why are colors and patterns important when it comes to choosing carpeting for homes with pets? Because stains happen and dark carpeting or one with a bold pattern can hide stains until you can have them professionally cleaned.
No matter who - or what - lives in your home, it's easy to find just the right carpeting to give your home the look and feel you want. To maintain your carpeting, look no further than the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas, NV, Zerorez. Call us at Zerorez at (702) 567-0016 to schedule a carpet-cleaning consultation and visit us online at to find out more about our cleaning process.

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