#1 Carpet Cleaning Company of 2022

People choose Zerorez Northern Colorado® when they want carpet cleaning done right! Have you ever had your carpets cleaned, just to have the spots come back or get dirtier, faster?

Zerorez Northern Colorado® has revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry with the most innovative technology of its kind. With 32 trademarks, 4 patents and 7 patents pending, Zerorez Northern Colorado® has revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry with the most advanced technology available.

The Founding Story of Zerorez Northern Colorado®

Founders Gaylord Karren and John Hopkins never intended to be in the carpet cleaning business—they were making a living as property managers in Texas. They managed over 3,000 apartment units, and their biggest frustration—and largest expense—was keeping the carpets clean for their residents.

No carpet cleaning company was able to clean the carpets well enough to avoid having to replace them. Gaylord and John knew there had to be a better way to clean carpets.

With their experience in engineering and their backgrounds in the oil & gas industry, they discovered that there were two major problems with the decades-old carpet cleaning techniques. First, were the soaps and detergents the carpet cleaners were using. Second, was the ineffective tools used to get them out. The leftover chemicals continued attracting dirt and dust long after the cleaning, which caused the carpets to get dirtier faster.

Upon this discovery, and with the help of their friend and longtime home restoration specialist, Jim Stone, Gaylord and John set out to find a cleaner, safer, greener way to clean carpets. They founded Zerorez Northern Colorado® and the rest, as they say, is history.

When You Clean with Zerorez Northern Colorado®, You're Cleaning with the Best!

Zerorez Northern Colorado® is the #1 carpet cleaning company for a reason. With our innovative technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide a thorough, longer-lasting clean that's free of soaps and harsh chemicals. When you choose Zerorez Northern Colorado®, you can trust that your carpets are in good hands!

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