Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Tips On How To Survive Football Season

Football season is in full swing and that means that you'll need the best carpet steam cleaner, Zerorez®, to keep your home from looking like a muddy football field. If you've got kids who love football and who play for their school team, you know they never come home with clean uniforms or clean cleats. So even though your best bet for clean carpets and floors is regular cleaning by the best carpet steam cleaner, we can't be there every day. Here are some tips for keeping day-to-day dirt to a minimum in your home:

Find A Place To Store Equipment

When your kids get home from practice or a game, they carry their uniforms and equipment through your home to their bedrooms, leaving a trail of dirt behind them. When you designate one specific spot in your home for unloading dirty things, you'll keep mess to a minimum. Find a spot in your garage or mud room where your kids can drop their stuff before heading inside. Also, encourage your kids to take their cleats off before they step inside your house, ask them to wipe down helmets and other equipment and put a special basket in the laundry room for soiled uniforms.

Stick To Your Cleaning Schedule

With your busy work schedule, your kids' school schedule and all of their after-school activities, including football, cleaning can take a backseat. In fact it can be tempting to leave everything till the end of football season; but that would make for one very dirty house. Do your best to keep to your regular cleaning schedule, especially vacuuming, and get your kids to help. Give them chores, including keeping their rooms clean, taking out the garbage and putting away their own laundry.

Keep Food In The Kitchen And Dining Room

Tracking in mud and grime isn't the only thing your football-loving youngsters can do to your clean house; they can also leave food and drink spills all over your carpeting. While you may be tempted to let after-practice meals happen in front of the TV or game console, it's best to keep damage to a minimum by insisting on meals in the kitchen or dining room. The best way to do that is to have family meals with your children so that you can have a little family-bonding time and talk about their school day or their big game.

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