When is the Best Time to Clean Air Ducts? Spring, Fall, or When Needed?

The best time to clean air ducts is when they're dirty, during the spring or fall seasons, or after about 3 to 5 years.

During spring or early fall, air ducts aren't constantly in use, making it the best time of year to have air ducts cleaned by professional duct cleaners like Zerorez®, as they don't have to turn off your unit when dealing with extremes in outdoor temperatures.

Some of the reasons why spring air duct cleaning is best include:

  • It combats spring allergies
  • Removes dust and grime accumulated in the winter
  • Pets shed as winter transitions into spring; so, cleaning during the spring helps remove pet hair

Reasons why other people prefer fall air duct cleaning include:

  • Improves furnace efficiency for the winter months
  • Combats mold accumulation

This article discusses the best time of year to clean air ducts and why. Without further ado, let's dive in.

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Best Time To Clean Air Ducts

Generally, cleaning your air ducts during the "shoulder" months is best. Shoulder time (fall and spring) is when air ducts aren't consistently used.

Professionals get enough time to do credible work, as air duct cleaning may take 2 to 3 hours.

Spring for Cleaning Ducts

The weather is moderate in spring, so most of the time, the HVAC system is off. It's easy, therefore, for the air duct cleaning professional to clean them without causing any distractions or when everyone is out having fun.

Herein are the benefits of spring air duct cleaning.

Spring Air Ducts Cleaning Removes Pet Fur

As winter transitions into spring, most pets begin shedding their fur. Some pet lovers start having allergic reactions during this time.

Having the air ducts cleaned can make all the difference because when pet dander builds in the air ducts, pet parents may have allergic reactions.

Combats Spring Allergies

Most plants blossom during the spring. The more you spend time outside, the higher the potential to collect more pollen and transfer it to your home.

The HVAC system may collect the pollen from your home through the vents and transfer it into your indoor air. Clean the air ducts at the end of the spring to lower allergic reactions in people with respiratory issues.

Removes Dust Accumulated in the Winter

Air ducts collect lots of debris, grime, and dust during the winter when most people are constantly indoors.

Spring cleaning removes all the air contaminants accumulated during the winter, creating a conducive environment for the entire family.

before and after air duct cleaning showing its a good time to get them cleaned

Early Fall to Clean HVAC

As the temperatures start to fall, most people hire professional air duct cleaners to clean out air ducts just in time to turn on the heating system because they anticipate spending more time indoors.

People who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma may have problems when they inhale contaminated indoor air.

Pre-winter air duct cleaning could be beneficial. Below are some reasons you may prefer pre-fall air duct cleaning.

Improves Furnace Efficiency

Bills go up during winter due to the high use of the HVAC system. When the filters are clogged, your HVAC system must work much harder to heat your home.

Air duct professional cleaning services improve the furnace's effectiveness, preventing bills from dramatically shooting.

Combats Mold Growth

Whenever mold grows in your ducts, it releases spores into your indoor air. No study has proven that spores can cause health problems but may cause allergic reactions.

Whether or not there are people with respiratory problems in your home, cleaning the air ducts to combat mold growth is a vital precaution.

Other Signs You Need Your Ducts Cleaned

Besides spring and fall and, of course, if it's more than five years since you last cleaned your air ducts, contact an air duct cleaning professional if:

You're Constantly Under The Weather

If anyone in the family has allergy-related symptoms, for example, irritated eyes, rashes, runny nose, or sneezing, consider contacting a professional to inspect the air ducts.

The same applies if your allergies become serious when you're indoors. It could be that mold or other contaminants have invaded your vents.

The Property Has Been Renovated

When renovating your property, dirt, dust, and other debris settle on the ductwork, being circulated into your indoor air.

After property renovation, the best way to clean air ducts is to hire a professional with a great history of delivering high-quality services, such is Zerorezā€‹, as seen in their air duct cleaning reviews.

Mold Growth Invasion

Mold thrives in warm areas with high humidity. Suppose you smell mold or people in your home constantly have allergic reactions. In that case, mold is likely growing in the air ducts.

After months of being indoors, mold could have found a thriving place in your ducts, and it makes sense to hire a professional to inspect and advise accordingly.

before and after Zerorez air duct cleaning, showing when you should get your air ducts cleaned

Hire the Best Air Duct Cleaning Service

Zerorez air duct cleaning experts warn against limiting the cleaning to one season (winter or early fall). They recommend cleaning your air ducts when it's needed, when you think about it, or simply when you know they're dirty.

If the air ducts haven't been professionally cleaned in a long time, Zerorez recommends getting them cleaned as soon as possible.

Check the Zerorez nearest location or schedule a duct cleaning job online. We delight in making your home a happy healthy place for all-through air duct cleaning without creating an unnecessary disturbance.

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