Best Way To Deal With Pet Stains

If you have a pet, you've had to deal with pet stains whether that be urine stains, poop stains, muddy paw stains, an uncontrollable amount of fur, or unpleasant pet odors. None of these stains are fun to deal with, but when accidents happen, they need to be taken care of. Now you may be asking what is the best way how to get dog pee out of carpet? First, be aware that there are a lot of bad ideas floating around about DIY stain removal. Common pet stain remedies include baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or coarse brushes - all of which can do permanent damage to your carpets.

As carpet cleaning experts we have seen every kind of pet stain there is. With our expertise, your carpets will be clean and once again brought back to their like-new state. Here at Zerorez® Las Vegas, we are a professional carpet cleaning company that not only offers top of the line Pet Stain Cleaning in Las Vegas but carpet cleaning that is also safe for your pets. You might be thinking, shouldn't all pet stain cleaning be safe for pets? Well, you would certainly think so, but most traditional carpet cleaning companies use chemicals and cleaners to clean up pet stains. And the residue that is left behind from those chemicals and cleaners cannot be good for anyone. So instead of risking it, clean with Zerorez Las Vegas! We use no harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents, or harmful cleaners of any kind.

In addition to cleaning pet stains out of carpet, Zerorez Las Vegas offers the following pet-safe services:

When you come across a pet stain that is too big to handle on your own, let us do the dirty work and clean up the mess. When you choose to clean with Zerorez, you can sit back, relax, and know that you are in good hands. Our Zerorez cleaning technicians are highly experienced at what they do. They will be able to treat your carpet in a way that is safe, thorough, and will not damage your carpet. In addition to that, our cleaning process will completely eliminate any odors that tend to linger along with pet stains. Other carpet cleaning companies will spread oils or perfumes to mask the smell - but that doesn't last forever. Here at Zerorez Las Vegas, we don't simply mask smells only to have them appear again, later on. Instead, we clean in a way that completely removes pet odors from the carpet (and even carpet batting depending on the seriousness of the accident). Don't waste one more minute worrying about how you are going to solve your pet's messy problems. Give us a call at 702-602-6388 or book an appointment online to be on your way to clean carpets once again.


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