Can Alkaline Water Really Clean Your Carpets?

How Alkaline Water can clean your carpets diagram

People often ask us if the Zerorez® process really is different from traditional carpet and surface cleaning, and if we can really deliver on our promise of a "No Residue┬«" clean. We understand the skepticism and admit our claim seems almost too good to be true. And yet, our process really changes the way you clean your carpets! Here's why:

For years, carpets, rugs, and upholstery were cleaned using soap, detergent, or some other chemical surfactant. The technician squirted in the chemical "soup," worked it around, and then tried to rinse and suction it out. The result was generally "crunchy", sticky, soapy residue left in the fibers that attracted dirt and contaminants, resulting in chemical laden fibers and quick re-soiling.

Our patented process is completely different from every other cleaner out there. The cleaning solution we use needs no soaps or surfactants, and it is so pure we can actually drink it! Are you wondering how this actually works?

We run softened, purified water through a special generator that has platinum plate membranes, and we apply a low voltage charge to the water. The effect is to split the water molecule into two types of water molecules. One is a low pH disinfectant molecule (though still a form of water), and the other is a high pH alkaline water cleaning solution (that we can actually drink) that is a super effective cleaner and degreaser. This alkaline molecule is essentially water and salt, but the alkaline properties make this an amazing cleaning agent (our solution is about 1,000 times more alkaline than soap), and the molecule itself is much smaller than tap water molecules, so it penetrates and purges carpet and material fibers more easily and effectively than traditional soap solutions. And since we don't add soap or other chemical products to our cleaning solution, there is absolutely no concern about residue that can stay in the fibers to attract new soiling or cause worries about chemical sensitivities your family may have.

The result is soft, super clean fibers and fabrics with No Residue®, no chemical leftovers, and carpets, rugs, and upholstery that stay clean much, much longer. It costs more for us to clean this way and the high tech equipment we use is expensive, but you can have peace of mind knowing that there are no chemicals left in your carpet to worry about, and because surfaces stay clean significantly longer, you get a better value for your cleaning dollar.

Next time you wonder if Zerorez really is different from the old-fashioned cleaners out there, just remember "It's the water!"


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