Professionals Can Clean Microfiber Furniture & They Should

Can microfiber furniture be professionally cleaned? Yes! Absolutely, and usually with better results than if you did it yourself (DIY).

Due to its resistance to water and stains, microfiber has found a place in many homes. Though microfiber is usually hard to stain, it absorbs oils and oil-based products. It requires professional cleaning to remove stubborn stains.

But, is it worth spending money on professional cleaning services?

The short answer is yes! The cost of cleaning a microfiber couch is usually based on the number of seats or its length, with pricing starting around $50-80 per a single seat. If you don't want to replace your furniture, cleaning it is a great way to keep what you already have, for longer. High-quality, large couches are much more expensive than the cost to clean them.

Professional cleaners know which products to use to remove stubborn stains and use the safest and fastest cleaning process based on the type of microfiber you have.

For example, at Zerorez®, we offer deep and excellent professional upholstery cleaning services. Also, we can re-apply upholstery-safe Premium Fiber Protector, for an extra cost, to help keep your furniture looking great long after we leave as it works to repel stains.

Let's discuss the benefits of professional microfiber cleaning.

Can Microfiber Furniture Be Professionally Cleaned?

It is recommended that microfiber furniture be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, as long as you don't hold loads of parties, smoke, have pets who get on your furniture, sleep on your furniture regularly, or have kids who love to draw or paint on them.

Though microfiber is harder to stain, the cording and the armrests are highly prone to oils from skin and oil products you use in your home.

Sadly, these surfaces and stains can be difficult to deal with. Hiring a professional who knows the safest cleaning products and the best and fastest cleaning process to clean microfiber furniture is necessary.

before and after of a light beige microfiber couch being cleaned professionally, with the before having red markings and drawings on it from a child
Before and After Zerorez Cleaned This Microfiber Couch

Below, we will discuss the benefits of hiring professional microfiber furniture cleaners so keep reading.

1. Inspects the Microfiber Furniture to Determine the Best Cleaning Process

Not every method is safe for cleaning upholstery microfiber furniture. Here's why: Microfiber is made of different fibers. So, while some are made of pure polyester fibers, others are made of blended polyester.

Since polyester is oleophilic, it looks stained from the oils you use on your body, mainly the hair and the hands.

Unfortunately, using the wrong products and cleaning tools could cause a tear and wear on microfiber. The U.S. government requires all furniture manufacturers to add a tag underneath the cushions or furniture to reference how to clean it safely.

Based on the tag or professional inspection, professional cleaners inspect the microfiber for wear and tear, stains, soiling, dander, fur, and other issues and determine what cleaning procedure to use.

The process may involve:

  • Vacuuming pet dander and loose grime and removing dust
  • Selecting the best and safest cleaning products
  • Removing stains using the best stain removal products and methods
  • Drying the furniture
  • Deodorizing the furniture
  • Applying a protector to keep the microfiber furniture clean for an extended time

2. Deep Cleans and Restores Its Original Appearance

Professional cleaners have the necessary microfiber cleaning equipment, which may not be available at home or too expensive to afford to buy. Besides, they have the knowledge and experience to deal with odors, stains, and dirt, the first time.

Consequently, your furniture gets its original appearance and beauty after a professional cleaning.

Before and After Dirty Blue Microfiber couch was cleaned professionally by Zerorez Upholstery Cleaners
Before and After Zerorez cleaned this microfiber couch

3. Powerful Cleaning Products

Some stains and odors require powerful cleaning products to remove them completely. Most professional cleaners have these products.

Be careful, though, when choosing a professional cleaning company. Some of these products may cause wear and tear on microfiber couches and chairs. Still, some could result in health problems for you and your family members.

At Zerorez upholstery cleaning we use powerful, yet gentle enough, suction pressure from our truck-mounted system in our specialize upholstery steam cleaning tools, along with our proprietary soap-free cleaning solution - Zr Water® - which ensures a longer lasting clean.

Zr Water is free of harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents, and fragrances. It cleans like a soap but without the chemicals!

Most other companies use high-residue soaps to remove debris, dander, and dust. If not properly rinsed and removed, the residue from the soap will slowly attract more dust and dirt, meaning you need your couch cleaned far too soon, and sometimes make it rough feeling after cleaning.

So hire Zerorez who uses effective microfiber cleaning products without exposing you to dangerous chemicals or sticky residue.

We also have the right tools and knowledge to properly groom the fabric pile appropriately so the nap dries correctly, and quickly.

4. Extends the Life of the Furniture

Excessive dust and dirt can cause wear and tear on your furniture if left unattended for too long. Consequently, the lifespan of your microfiber furniture gets compromised, costing you unnecessary repairs or replacements.

male Zerorez cleaning technician using a handheld upholstery cleaning tool to professionally clean a microfiber couch cushion

5. Correctly Does the Job to Avoid Damage!

Though microfiber is a strong, long-lasting fiber, you must handle it correctly to avoid wear and tear during and after cleaning.

Properly trained, skilled, and well-experienced cleaners know the right products and the appropriate cleaning method for your upholstery.

This also includes not over-wetting or poorly drying it or using too hot of water, as these can cause damage.


How Often to Clean a Microfiber Furniture

How often to clean your microfiber furniture depends on various aspects, including:

  • Frequency of use: If you and your family, guests, or pets spend copious amounts of time on the furniture, they can be cleaned every 3 to 12 months. Otherwise, cleaning it every 12 to 18 months should be okay.
  • Activities taking place: If you, your family members, or your guests smoke or drink wine and other beverages while on your sofa, your microfiber furniture may need professional cleaning every 3 to 12 months. Otherwise, clean it every 12 to 18 months.

Is Professional Steam Cleaning a Microfiber Couch Better Than Cleaning it Myself?

Yes, you can and should professionally clean your microfiber couch. Professional cleaning is better than regular at-home coach cleaning because it offers deep cleaning that restores the couch's original appearance.

Besides, a frequently and professionally cleaned coach lasts longer because dirt, dander, and dust are correctly dealt with and on time to prevent damage. Not to mention, experts use correct cleaning methods, detergents, and tools, preventing damage to your coach.

You never worry about accidental wear and tear or overwetting (as long as you hire Zerorez anyway). Zerorez has all the right tools to clean your couch and remove stains.

Why Should I Hire Zerorez to Clean my Couch?

We have safe products, appropriate tools, and the necessary skills to professionally handle all microfiber furniture (coach) cleaning tasks.

That explains why our customers are happy with our services. You won't be an exception! Schedule a service now.

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