Carpet Care 101: Some Things You Shouldn’t Do

Between a continual track of muddy footprints from a busy soccer season and the occasional pet leaving behind a track or two, your carpeting can really take a beating. Because the flooring in your home, especially your carpeting, is an investment meant to endure a few years, you'll want to protect it at all costs. Calling in the professionals from Zerorez® to come out and rejuvenate your carpeting can help restore them to their original appearance. In the meantime, here are a few things that you may want to consider not doing to your carpet to help ensure that it stands the test of time.

Not Spot Cleaning In Between Cleanings

One thing that can ruin the fibers and padding in your carpeting is a stain. Hosting a party where wine or condiments can easily end up on the floor, can contribute to permanent stains. Utilizing Primacide B-Fluid from Zerorez is a green cleaning agent that uses electrolyzed water to quickly target isolated stains. Spraying this solution on your carpeting helps to release the stain at the surface and deep below the fibers. The result is stain removal that resists reappearing the next day. When you have a stain, treat it right away and don't allow it to sit.

Not Dusting and Vacuuming Weekly

You're hurting your carpeting when you ignore routine cleaning tasks. Vacuuming your carpeting and sweeping your hardwood floors helps to reduce the amount of dust and dirt accumulation throughout your home. Keeping surfaces such as furniture and walls free of dust helps prevent dust buildup within your carpeting. Keep the air clean with an air purifier from Zerorez. Running an air purifier is an added way to control dirt in your home and prevent it from saturating carpet fibers.

Dry Chemical Cleaning

Maybe in the past, you've had someone show up at your door offering a free carpet cleaning demonstration for a no-water cleaning service. This is one of the worst things you can do to your carpeting and your family's overall health. Chemical carpet cleaning treatments use a type of dry shampoo to remove surface dirt from stained carpeting. The problem is the stains are never really removed, they are only masked. The chemical residue left behind contains chemicals that are toxic to pets and humans. Choose a safe and effective carpet cleaning solution by having the pros at Zerorez remove underlying stains and odor.

Not Adding a Protective Barrier

Another way to damage your new carpeting quickly is to not add a protective barrier. Using oriental rugs and throw rugs to cover your carpeting provide an added layer of protection against imprints from the added weight of furniture and entertainment centers. Rugs can also be implemented if you know in advance you'll be having a lot more foot traffic than usual. Using the Zr™ Water Solution from Zerorez actually protects your carpeting and resists future staining.

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