Carpet Cleaner: Renew Your Carpet for Summer

Carpet Cleaner Las Vegas NV: Renew Your Carpet for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and so are the family get-togethers, birthday parties and summer pool parties. You may be looking around your home and spring cleaning for the upcoming season. It can be easy to forget your carpets when making your spring cleaning check list.

Zerorez®, the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas NV is ready to help you get your carpet looking great for guests. Follow these tips below to prepare your home in all areas for that ultimate summer wow factor.

Deodorize with Essential Oils

Zerorez believes in the all-natural clean. However, don't stop at just a spotless carpet. By using essential oils to create your own carpet deodorizer, each step throughout your home will remind you of a summer walk in the country.

Start by adding your favorite essential oil to baking soda. Mix the essential oils and the baking soda together well enough that it is completely saturated. When you are ready to add some flair to your carpet, sprinkle a bit here and there and let it sit. Wait a few minutes, vacuum and then enjoy your fresh smelling carpet.

This method is safe for pets and children and is an all-natural alternative to other harsh chemically enhanced deodorizers.

Fluff Your Carpet with Vinegar and Water

Your carpet can take a beating. From children running throughout your home on a daily basis to furniture creating dents, your carpet stands up to some serious wear.

You can combat this wear by fluffing your carpet in trouble areas using vinegar and water. Start by taking water and vinegar together and placing it on these trouble areas to saturate and then blot up the excess. You can use a spoon on its side or even a credit card to coax the fibers back into a straight pattern. This works great after moving furniture and will not harm your carpet.

You can also use water and an iron to fluff certain areas. Use an ice cube to run over the area and take a towel to dab the excess. Place the towel over the area and run an iron of the spot for a bit. After the spot air dries, you will be able to manipulate the fibers again.

Get a Professional Clean

Your carpet is the center of your home. It is where you relax, where you play and where you stand. Your carpet deserves a full and professional clean.

Zerorez, your carpet cleaner in Las Vegas, NV, are your cleaning experts. With our patented Zrā„¢ Water technology, you are sure to have the best and the safest clean. Give us a call today at 702-567-0016 or visit our website at to discover what a deeper clean can do for you.

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