Carpet Cleaner Tips: Things To Avoid

Zerorez® is the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas NV and we know everything there is to know about carpet care. And not just what you can do to keep your carpets looking like new, but what you should avoid as well. We know that carpeting is a big investment and nobody likes to replace it. With just a few simple tips, you can extend the life of your carpeting and enjoy cleaner floors for longer. In addition to not cleaning spills too vigorously and making sure you move around heavy furniture, you can also utilize floor covers such as area rugs, limit the sun exposure your carpet gets by closing the blinds or curtains and even making sure you are using a well maintained vacuum cleaner. The pros at Zerorez are here to help. For more information about carpet care or to schedule your first visit, call us today at 702-567-0016. Or check us out online at

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