Carpet Cleaners In Las Vegas, NV: 3 Reasons To Clean Your Carpets

At Zerorez®, we are the best carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, NV and we know how quickly carpeting can become soiled enough to need our help. Some of our customers need deep cleaning two, three or more times a year and others need it just once. If you're not sure how often you should get the help of professional carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, NV, here are 3 reasons to consider calling in the pros on a regular basis:

1 - You Have Pets

If you have indoor pets, you know they can do a number on the overall cleanliness of your home. Dogs and cats not only track outside dirt onto your furniture and carpeting, they also have accidents that can stain your carpeting and other types of flooring. Even small, contained pets like birds, rodents and fish can be the source of water damage to your flooring and food and fecal matter on your carpeting. When you have wall-to-wall carpeting, these accumulated pet byproducts can leave it smelling as bad as it looks. For that reason, you should consider having your carpeting professionally-cleaned at least twice a year. Not only will your home look and smell better, it will also be more sanitary.

2 - You Have Children

Next to pets, children are the number one source of carpeting stains. Children spill food and drinks on carpeting on a regular basis. They play on carpeting with a variety of things that can result in stains, like crayons, paint and markers. Like pets, they also track in outside dirt and they have a tendency - at least with younger children - to have their share of accidents on carpeting that include not only urine but vomit as well. When you have fairly young children in your home, it's a good idea to have your carpeting steam-cleaned as often as possible, not just to keep your carpeting looking good but to eliminate germs and allergens.

3 - You Have A Crowded House

Whether you've only got adults in your home or adults and children, a crowded house always means dirtier flooring and upholstery. Spilled food, oily hands and dirty shoes can leave your home looking dull and dingy pretty quickly. If you have a lot of people living in your home, have your carpeting professionally-cleaned at least twice a year. A fresh, clean carpet before the holidays in the fall and then in the spring can make you feel good about the way your house looks and smells, even if it's full.

When is the best time to call in professional carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, NV? When your carpet starts to look grimy or the holidays are coming or you just haven't had it done in a while. You'll know when your carpet can use a little facelift; when that time comes, gives us a call at Zerorez at 702-567-0016 or visit us online at

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