Carpet Cleaning Experts Weigh In: Was Your Carpet Installed Right?

Finding great carpet cleaning is an important part of owning a home or business because a clean carpet not only looks more attractive but creates a more healthy environment for friends, family or employees. Before carpet cleaning, though, you must first think about choosing the right carpeting and having it professionally installed. Selecting carpeting can be complicated because there are a number of factors you have to take into account including color choices, fiber choices, pile height, durability and more. Installation, by contrast, is a fairly straightforward procedure; but that doesn't mean that it always goes off without a hitch. Here's how to tell if your carpeting was installed correctly:

✓ There Are No Wrinkles Or Folds

If the installer didn't adequately pull and stretch the carpeting over the tack strips, the surface will crinkle. Check the surface of your carpeting to look for wrinkles or folds that can make it look rippled. If you find a wrinkle, step on it or try to smooth it out with your hand. If it disappears, it may just have been a wrinkle in the padding; if it doesn't disappear, your carpet wasn't installed correctly.

✓ There Are Smooth Seams At The Walls And Borders

Look closely at the seams of your carpeting - where it meets the walls and baseboards, doorways and other types of flooring. Frayed or loose edges that aren't tucked under floorboards, walls or transitional carpet strips mean the carpeting wasn't installed properly. Generally, carpet installers use a variety of adhesives to reduce the likelihood of separation and fraying, which can become a big problem during carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV.

✓ There Are No Buckles Or Divets

The best way to check for dips, buckles and divets is to lie on your stomach on your carpet. This will give you the best position to check for problem areas that aren't smooth and level. Dips, buckles and divets may not happen because of a problem with the carpet installation; they may also result from buckled padding or a warped or damaged subfloor.

✓ There Are No Loose Edges On Stairs

Because stairs are tricky when it comes to carpet installation, you should inspect any stairs after carpets have been installed to look for problems like loose edges. Look where the stairs meet the wall to ensure that there is a smooth, even edge along the wall. Make sure to check the railing side of the stairs as well; the carpeting should wrap securely around the banister and rails with no gaps or loose ends.

Once you've had your carpeting professionally installed, make sure you have a professional carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV at least once a year to ensure that your carpeting is clean, attractive and lasts a long time. In the Las Vegas area, call us at Zerorez® for all of your carpet and upholstery care needs at (702) 567-0016 or visit

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