Carpet Cleaning for the Holidays: The Best Carpet Cleaners

The holidays are a wonderful time for parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to spoil the kids silly. It's a chance to warm up by the fire, catching up with your parents and sharing secrets with your cousins. But is your carpet prepared for a full house? Discover what the best carpet cleaners in Las Vegas have to offer.

Holiday Carpet Cleaners

Best Cleaning Formula

Zerorez® uses its own solution to revive carpets without the use of harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, your neighborhood carpet cleaner may still be using technology from the 40's.

In the 1990's, the founders of Zerorez got together to create a newer, gentler cleaning formula. Instead of coating the carpet in harsh chemicals, Zerorez clears the muck from your carpet with an odor-free cleaning solution.

Zerorez means Zero Residue®. No stiff, crunchy, sticky stuff in your newly cleaned carpet. Just the soft, fluffy, brightly colored carpet you're dreaming of.

Imagine your family gathering over your fresh, clean carpet. The kids are pushing their new toy cars across the floor. Perhaps a baby is crawling about in reindeer pajamas. Someone spills the eggnog, but it comes right out because there is no cleaning gunk sticking it to the carpet.

Expert Cleaners

Many local Las Vegas carpet cleaners are content to use contract labor, but Zerorez cleaners undergo continual education and training. These highly trained professionals can customize their cleaning approach to meet your individual needs.

All Zerorez cleaners are background-checked and drug-tested for your safety.

Better Results

With Zero Residue®, Zerorez-cleaned carpets stay cleaner for longer. Old style cleaning methods leave carpets sticky which attracts more dirt. Carpets cleaned by Zerorez have the fluffy, clear feel and look of a brand like-new carpet.

Bring your family together on odorless carpet so you can smell the sweet scent of chocolate chip cookies wafting from the kitchen a little better. Call Zerorez to have a fresh new look in time for the holidays.

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